ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 153

3rd April 2008. In this Issue: Multiple Maps in Places, Camping Atlases in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, New Morgan Historic Walk Trek Note and Updated Treks.

3rd April 2008

Dear ExplorOz Reader,
This year’s daylight savings for WA has just ended and we have another year to go before we have a referendum on whether it was a good thing or not. Issues like this and extended trading hours are some hot topics here at the moment, but politics aside - the ExplorOz team hopes everyone had a chance to spend some time outdoors over Easter. Meanwhile, we have been working hard on many ideas and believe you will be impressed with the new map options in Places. It’s rather addictive, so try out the various map views and have fun!!!

ExplorOz Shop SpecialsNew Content & Site Features

Super Specials @ ExplorOz are great money saving deals. Available daily, items on Super Special are never to be repeated mega-discounts but there’s just one catch - selected items change every few days so you’ll have to keep looking in theShop Window so you never miss a bargain.

Today’s new range of Super Specials feature 3 well-known, great selling Camping Atlases.

Do you know the easiest way to find a list of campsites on ExplorOz?

Simply go to Places, and select FREE CAMPS, FEE CAMPS or even CARAVAN PARKS in the place type drop-down list box along with the state you want to view. Places will return hundreds of results which you can work through. ExplorOz gives you more than just a list of campsites! You can view photographs, get the waypoint coordinates, see place ratings and reviews entered by others.

Our new improved Places system also means you are no longer limited to just seeing the location pin-pointed on one 250K Topo map. You can now shuffle between various map views, add multiple place types and toggle them on and off at the click of a button.

Morgan Historic Walk

Thanks to one of our regular contributors, this new trek note is in fact a walk route in South Australia. Along the way you'll find many of the historic places and buildings in one of the Riverland’s best kept secrets – Morgan.

For more Treks, see our latest updates:

Important Note: CSR fuel drop changes - see latest update. Canning Stock Route

Multiple Maps in Places
The team at ExplorOz has ingeniously integrated the Places system to work with Google Maps. Since Google works with spherical map layers, getting our 2-dimensional Topo 250K maps to also display in this way was a great milestone.

After clicking into a place, you will see the dynamic map not only uses the standard ExplorOz 250K Topo maps, but also Google's Streets, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain maps. You can even add different place types and click the icons that appear for more information. This technology has opened the door for many more exciting developments - so stay tuned withExplorOz.

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