ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 156

15th May 2008. In this Issue: New Goldfields Books in the ExplorOz Shop, Latest Site Development - ExplorOz Hints & Tips in Blogs, New Riverland Trek and Latest updated Treks.

15th May 2008

Dear ExplorOz Reader,
Welcome to another jam-packed addition of the ExplorOz fortnightly newsletter. In this edition, we feature a new trek note within the Riverland regions of South Australia near the VIC/NSW border. Mike has been busy sourcing two new ‘goldfields’ books which are now available from the online Shop and we have begun implementing the much-awaited hints and tips category in Blogs - so you can get the most of using the ExplorOz website.

ExplorOz Shop SpecialsNew Content & Site Features

Golden Quest Discovery Trail Guide Book
Head to the Goldfields, with the Golden Quest Discovery Trail Guide Book. Included are 2 CD's, town information, tragic and quirky stories and interesting facts that will help complete your Trail experience.Only $39.95

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail Guide
This guide contains a wealth of information that will assist in planning your trip between Perth and Kalgoorlie. Photos, maps and stories are all part of this impressive guide book.Only $34.95
New Edition - Cape York: An Adventurers Guide
Ron and Viv Moon’s guide to Cape York has been released in its 11th fully revised edition.

A must have when planning a trip to Cape York. Featuring natural and historic information, camp sites, scenic spots and much more.Only $29.95


Wentworth to Renmark via Old Coach Road

Thanks to one of our regular contributors, this new trek note follows the mighty Murray River and takes in the old stock route that was once used by the ‘Overlanders’ who brought the very first stock to Adelaide overland from New South Wales.

We have recently updated our Holland Track trek note which was originally field checked by David and Michelle Martin in April 2007. This is an interesting and rather detailed trek with full integration to the Places system for photos and waypoints. SeeHolland Track


For more Treks, see our latest updates:

We are currently looking for plot files for the following trek notes so they can be converted to the new format.

If you have any plot files and photos that closely relates to the route of the following trek notes - please send them toinfo@exploroz.com

Any contributions are appreciated!!

ExplorOz Site Tips in Blogs
You may start to notice new hints and tips appearing in the blogs system. These entries will help you use the ExplorOz website with confidence. Keep an eye out for them as they will also show in the latest blog entries in the forum.

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