ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 16

19th September, 2001. In this issue: Shop and Gift Wrapping Services, BushRanger Rack Sack, Trek Feedback and Navigating Around the Website.

Dear ExplorOz.com site user,

The Outback travel season is starting to wind up for the year and its time to start thinking about Summer holidays, trip preparation for next year and Christmas...yikes! Here's some tips/ideas for you. Enjoy...

Gift Wrapping Service

Can you believe it's only 12 weeks to Christmas! To assist in your Christmas preparation, ExplorOz has introduced Gift Wrapping. So, if you purchase any item from the Adventure Shop, you can have it delivered with a personalized gift tag and wrapping to the person of your choice - $5/gift. (One gift wrapping service per order. You can place as many orders as you like).

Think of the possibilities...relatives overseas/interstate or in the country. Don't pay twice for delivery or spend hours looking for and wrapping gifts, just order from the Adventure Shop and we'll deliver your gift & message beautifully wrapped. The Gift Wrapping Service is also perfect for Birthdays, Fathers Day, Anniversaries and general gifts.

Members - don't forget, if your order is over $60 you can deliver gifts to people FREIGHT FREE!

BushRanger Rack SackJust new to the Features is the BushRanger Rack Sack. Perfect for storage on your roof rack, the BushRanger rack sack is waterproof and attachable to your roof rack with snap lock buckles. Limited space when you go camping? Take a look at the Rack Sack as an alternative.
Trek Feedback
Submitting your own feedbackThe new Feedback function for the ExplorOz treks is proving popular. We've had 1/2 a dozen responses in a week. One thing we ask is that if you have a question, use the Forum and if you have a business you want to promote, please use the Business Search Engine. The ExplorOz Team looks forward to your feedback.
How to get the best from ExplorOz.comAre you finding everything on the ExplorOz site that you're looking for? 

It has come to our attention that SOME users don't really know how to "navigate" on ExplorOz.com which means you aren't seeing all the great things we have for you to read. Here's some tips:

We find that many readers who are having trouble submitting or viewing the site is to do with the version of your browser. The latest Internet Explorer version is 5.5, but anything above version 5.0 will be fine. It will mean your computer can handle the code that runs our menus and also submissions to the Forum/Trek Feedback etc. (TIP - downloading browsers over the internet can be very slow, therefore costly. Did you know most PC magazines have the latest browsers on the complimentary CD that often comes with them? Look for these in your newsagent, eg. PC World.)

Now that you've got the right browser, you should have a blue strip across the top header of each page on ExplorOz.com. The white headings at the top are all topics you can navigate through. Run your mouse over the top of these white headings and you will notice there are also subheadings below most of them. You can then select a topic of interest and navigate to it easily. 
The menu is the easiest way to navigate the site because it always stays at the top no matter what page you are on. 

If you are reading a page and have scrolled down to the bottom, you might prefer to use the footer navigation rather than go back up to the top menu navigation. Take a look next time you go to www.exploroz.com at the bottom of every page - there are links to all parts of the site. Just click and go! 

The forum is huge and is a valuable resource - to make navigation of the forum easier you should use FORUM SEARCH to find topics of interest. You can search by topic (eg. HF radio) or date. 

Did you know that membership will allow you to set up a user profile that will personally advise you of changes and new items added to the site? This is done through a personalised home page built especially for you. You get a password to log on and direct links to all the new stuff. This is a great way to navigate the site if you want to keep up to date with the very latest!

Membership costs $30/year and entitles you to a number of rewards and special discounts at various locations around Australia. For more information see Member Rewards. Or click here to go straight to the shop to purchase your Membership.

Change of details?
We now have well over 1,600 names in our mailing list so if you need to change your email address for receiving this newsletter please use the online system. Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and on the left menu, delete your old email address, then add your new email address.  

Regards from the ExplorOz Team
Michelle Jacka, David Martin, Linda Flynn... and baby Leah!
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