ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 186


Edition 186: 23rd July 2009

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

What's hot?

The Trader has been the area of interest recently - with loads of new listings appearing. The feedback from sellers says it all - with many people reporting how quickly gear is sold with minimum fuss. It's fairly obvious that if you've got something that is in any way related to the ExplorOz themes, it's a good bet that you'll find a buyer right here. Some tips for sellers - do your research and get the price right; go for Display or Premium Listings that include full page advertisements that you build with photos and include as much as text as you can to showcase your item for sale. Including photos gives far greater exposure and longevity to your ads and ensures they don't get lost in the mix.


  • Personal Members can have a Display Listing FREE OF CHARGE (1 per year for annual members, or 5 anytime per Lifetime member)
  • Personal Members get the scoop on the newest Trader listings in their MyHome page.
  • Business Members' profiles show links to their Dealer Trader Listings.

What's New?

Our latest site developments have focused on upgrades to the next generation of online mapping. Developed using our iMapPlot technology, this new method enables the seamless integration ofTreks with the rich data contained within ourPlaces database, Driving Directions functions, PlotSwap, and theShop. Just launched days ago, this total solution approach has already integrated the previously separate sections together in a user-friendly format but there’s more to come in final refinements. This is all done to provide you with the greatest ease of accessing a massive amount of comprehensive, practical data that will be invaluable to your trip planning. We would love to hear your thoughts on its design and functionality so drop us an email if you have a comment. Our end vision is to have an all-in-one online mapping solution that can provide services like:

  • personalised routes - where you plan and create a series of connecting roads/tracks as your trip itinerary.
  • user treks - your own publications based on a template.
  • blog integration - used for adding personalised routes/user treks into blogs - allowing users to share their travel itinerary with others.
  • downloads - finally a method for you to extract and keep the bits you find useful such as waypoints, plots, map images, whole trek notes (eg. pdf), etc.
  • seamless printing - outputting site content in a printer-friendly way.
  • product integration - to find maps/books based on position relevance.
  • instructional tutorials - to help you get the best from our service.

Got time?

Do you enjoy using thePlaces system? If so, you may be interested in a new opportunity to become an official volunteer member of the ExplorOz Team working from your own computer. We are currently looking for “Place Administrators” to perform tasks like adding descriptions and photos, moving or deleting places that are incorrect, and updating facts and features. If you think you’ve got what it takes or have the passion - drop us anemail. We’d love to hear from you.

Who's New?

The latest new/renewed Business Members are:
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BlankSavannah Way
Stretches from Broome WA to Cairns QLD
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Cairns to Broome
Find out all you need to know about travelling the Savannah Way.
Only 7.95
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Blank10% Off All Books
Huge range of book titles to choose from
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Take a trip to %ActTown% and book yourself into this %ACTCategory% activity

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See other activities.
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Unbeatable Savings Everyday
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Over the Top - DVD
Over the Top - DVD
$29.99 $20.69
Australia 4WD Raster Map Collection on DVD
Australia 4WD Raster Map Collection on DVD
$179.00 $113.22
Fraser Island Explorer Card
Fraser Island Explorer Card
$20.00 $12.65
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