ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 219


Edition 219: 11th November 2010

Hi ExplorOz Reader, here's the latest news and updates from the ExplorOz Team, we hope you enjoy it!

Photo Voting

Photos shown inPlaces are now displayed using our new photo viewer, which also includes nice new features such as:

  • star rating based on audience votes
  • screen name of photographer
  • link to profile (if active member)
  • link to Member Message (if active)
  • date of photo
  • active edit icon for photo owner/site administrators

The highest rated photo from any Place page will be automatically selected and shown at the top of any Place page, so the control is in your hands!

Handy New Way to Store/Share Your Memories

Each Member Profile page now provides a list of "My Places" - based on uploads that member has made to the Places database. For people such as Member - Warrie (NSW) who is a regular contributer, this shows over 300 Places. This features means your profile will automatically create the list so now its super easy to store/share your photos and comments on Places you've been.

TIP: the easiest way to add Place photos & comments is by mobile phone/email during your trip.

For help, seeGetting Started: Mobile Updates.

Turn your Trash into Xmas Cash

We all know Christmas is a hard time financially, so why not take a look at what you can turn into cash using the ExplorOz Trader. Sure you may not have a large ticket item such as a vehicle, camper or trailer ready to sell, but anything you no longer use is worth advertising if you can turn it into a bit of spare cash. So dig out that box of parts & spares, camping gear, or fishing tackle, take a few photos and create aNEW LISTING in the Trader and watch it turn into Xmas Cash! We have 13 categories including Miscellaneous and an Australia-wide audience of 1 million viewers per month. Listing fees start at just $19.95. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?

Meet our Business Members

All Business Members can be found in the directory. This fortnight, we feature the following Business Members:
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Here's 10 of our most popular titles at 10% off so you're sure to find something to suit everyone amongst these sought after products:

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