ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 225


Edition 225: 3rd February 2011

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

This is a special edition newsletter to help you find your way around our new-look login/profile management system due to recent changes. We hope this answers your current queries or concerns. Our regular edition newsletter will be sent tomorrow.

Site Changes & What it Means for You

Changes are currently underway to the User Management system on ExplorOz.com and for each of you, next time you visit our site you will notice some changes, if you haven't already!

Firstly, if you're receiving this newsletter then you are already registered but you might like to know we've changed the registration process for new accounts along with creating a new login process for all site users. After registration, new users will be redirected to a new My Details screen. Existing users now have easy access to their My Details screen too so take a moment to check this. To login, all registered users (Visitors, Members, Business Members) will enter just email address & password (no member number to remember), but like previously, you can still opt for auto-login.

The second thing we've changed is the grey toolbar (located beneath the menu). Once you have logged in, it will appear like this...

Every registered user will now see My Home on the grey toolbar from any page of the site, along with a My Details tab. For existing Members, this replaces your previous My Home plus your grey toolbar will have an additional My Profile tab, where you can edit and view what is shown in your public profile. Non-Members do not have a Public Profile.

All users can click on the My Home tab (from any page of the site) to view Site Updates since your last login, and a whole range of useful features customised to your site activity and account status. This is just a beta version and refinements are occuring live so we ask for your patience (and feedback!), whilst we continue to finalise this important user-management update. TIP: clicking these new tabs both opens and closes the screens!

The third change we wish to highlight today is changes to the opt-in controls for the additional emails distributed by ExplorOz. This relates to setting your preferences for receiving e-newsletters, Member Message Email Alerts and Forum Responses via Email. In your My Home screen, you'll note a list of these 3 items you can subscribe to. Simply check these items on/off for immediate changes to your subscription status. As an alternative, you will also be able to unsubscribe from any of these from a link at the bottom of any of these emails received.

Your Weather

Ok, so we know the weather is a bit odd right now! In your new My Home screen you can see your local weather station information live in your profile (our system will automatically find your nearest "temperature" collecting station based on your address entered in My Details).

Search Tool

The next change to highlight regards the site search tool, which now "sticks" each of your search results to the grey toolbar. This sticky-search will remain active on your toolbar for your entire session but will automatically refresh when you logoff or end your session. Also note, in the left panel you can hover through the list to select which site section to search; this example shows a search of the Forum. Whilst the right panel shows the results found in that section.

Member Message - Where is it now?

The fifth and final change is Member Message alerts. In the screen snapshot above you'll notice this toobar sample also has a tab for "Member Msg". This tab will appear (blinking) to alert you when you receive a new message. Click this tab to view your message. You'll also receive a copy of the message by email if you have opted-in to subscribe to this feature.

We hope you find all these new tools and re-arrangements to be user-friendly. Some of these new tools are not finished however so expect to see further changes over the coming days/weeks as we refine and debug. We welcome any feedback you have, especially if you find any bugs/errors. Apologies for delaying your regular ExplorOz e-newsletter by a day, we'll have it to you tomorrow!

The ExplorOz Team

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