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Edition 237:28th June 2011

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

ExplorOz Photo Competition

Did you know there is a Photo Competition currently running on ExplorOz? The competition has been devised by the organising Member of the upcoming ExplorOz National Gathering in Silverton and utilises the Member features of ExplorOz using Blogs for submission of photo entries. You can view the current entries right here.

How to Enter

To enter, all you need to do is create a Blog, load your pics and give details of the place where the pic was taken, and tag it "Photo Comp". You may title your blog anything you like - so long as you have tagged your blog to the correct category "Photo Comp". Put all your photos in one blog - to add extras at a later time, simply open your existing entry and click the "Edit Blog" button located at the bottom of the page, and upload additional photos as desired.

Competition Closes June 30th

You be the Judge

Whilst only Members may enter, ANYONE can view and cast a vote to determine the winner and here's how...

Voting is done via the Photo Rating system. To make this really simple, all you do is go to the main Blogs page on ExplorOz.com, and select the "Photo Comp" tag as shown in this diagram...

Next, change the Display Settings to "Photo View".

Now, you have a wonderful gallery view of all the individual photos entered into this competition and you're ready to vote.

Simply hover over the stars shown in each photo to rate from 0 - 5 stars (you can even give 1/2 star ratings). Leave unrated to score 0. The system will automatically tally the number of votes and the highest range of votes per photo to come to an overall ranking which will be determined to judge the best photo overall at the conclusion of the voting period. There's plenty of time left for voting, so sit down with a coffee this weekend and have fun!! Look out for further announcements.

What does the Winner Get?

The winning entry will be printed on canvas, and raffled at the 2011 Gathering at Silverton. The photographer who takes the winning photo will automatically get 10 tickets in the raffle. Not only that, they will win Lifetime Membership of ExplorOz.

For more details about the Silverton Gathering, go to our Trips & Gatherings page in the Members section on ExplorOz.com

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