ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 25

24th April, 2002. In this issue: Hot Topics - Hiring a Vehicle, New Map in the Adventure Shop, Road Conditions, New Members Rewards and Feedback Wanted.


Hiring a Vehicle

Sponsored by: Apollo Motorhomes and Kea Campers

Hiring a 4WD, campervan or motorhome may actually be a better option that you had thought. Today's costs of owning, insuring, storing and kitting up a vehicle could be too much if you're thinking of only going on a trip once a year or less. 

Give it some thought and check out the great specials offered by Apollo Motorhomes and Kea Campers.

NEW map in the Adventure Shop

Melbourne's Mountain Country

This new map from Hema is a double-sided map and they say it is the most detailed map of the area ever produced! 

Order yours now for just $7.95

Road Conditions

Latest reports

Updated Canning SR report and now we've added a stack of new detailed reports covering almost the entire NT. We've also got some historical trends for track closures in Kakadu.

The more our network expands the better the info for you. Do your bit too and keep us informed!

New Members Rewards

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Check out the Members Rewards Page for some great NEW discounts just offered by our advertisers.

Membership is just $30 for first timers and renewals for subsequent years are $20. 


If you find something amiss, tell us! We want to know every little thing that you think is right or wrong with ExplorOz. Once an issue is alerted to us we can usually resolve it straight away, but unless we get your feedback we don't know. Please use our Feedback form for communicating with us (under the Home menu). David handles everything "technical" and Michelle will handle everything else.

Change of details?
Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and look for the Mail List Box down the left of the page. Enter your old email address and hit the DEL button. Then in the same box, enter your new email address and hit ADD.

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