ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 26

6th May, 2002. In this issue: Competition Winner - OziExplorer Mapping Software, Are You a Member, Customer?, How to Become an ExplorOz Member and Change of Details.

Now you can ExplorOz with an E!

Up to recently, it was important that you spelt ExplorOz without an e (ie not ExploreOz).
But, we are pleased to say that now we own all the following domains:
www.exploroz.com, www.exploreoz.com, www.exploroz.com.au

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Joe McDermott of Queensland who won himself a copy of OziExplorer mapping software after entering our GPS Hot Topic competition. We hope you have fun mapping your next trip!

Canning Stock Route

Latest reports

The first fuel drop to Well 23 for the season occurs today (from Capricorn Roadhouse) so the season is just beginning. As expected, the route is currently not fully open, however early travellers are enjoying what they can and making a trip out to Rudall River NP (exit CSR at Well 23 on Talawana Track) or to Port Hedland along the Kidson Track (exit CSR at Well 33 and Kunawarritji Community).

The Hema field research vehicle left Perth today to start data collection of the Canning and surrounds. We will receive a weekly update on conditions via satphone - so if you are travelling the Western Deserts soon don't miss our reports!

Not sure if you are a member, a customer or neither?

We use the term "Customer" to refer to advertisers (this includes clubs and all business listings in our Business Search Engine). 

Customers use the Customer Management system to maintain and edit their advertising details (scroll down to Customer Management under the Home Menu). Customers are responsible for ensuring their email and other contact details are correct in the database. Customers will also receive our User Newsletter (that's this one).

Every site user has access to the mailing list that controls who gets the User Newsletter.


It's free to be on the ExplorOz mail list - this means you will be sent our User Newsletter (approx every 2-3wks).

You can add or delete yourself from this using the "Mail List Box" in the left margin of every page of the ExplorOz site.

You might be neither a Member nor a Customer but you still get our User Newsletters! This means you are simply on our mailing list. If your email address changes, you can simply enter your old one and hit the DEL button and then enter your new email address and hit ADD.

To benefit from enhanced site features members have their own log on system.

"Members" are site users that have a Membership card (see below) and have either purchased or "earned" membership. 

Members are responsible for editing their own contact details (including email address). Just log on and then change your details in your profile.

If you forget your password - use this box and the system will send it back to you.

How to become an ExplorOz member

| What do members get? |
| Buy Membership |

*product value only, excl. permits.
±purchase must be made within the month of membership expiry.

We sell membership as a product in the Adventure Shop. You receive a membership card so you can use it to get discounts at stores, plus you can use your membership for benefits on the ExplorOz website.

We will register you to our Membership database using your name, address and email details collected from your order. You will then get a Membership Number and a password so you can begin logging on to enjoy all the good stuff.

Membership costs $30 for the first year and $20 for annual renewals. 

You can also "earn" your membership by making an Adventure Shop order over $100*. Renewals can also be "earned" over $60±. The shop system will automatically add the membership product to your shopping cart if your order qualifies.

Change of details?
Maintain your own details in our mailing list online. Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and look for the Mail List Box in the left margin. Enter your old email address and hit the DEL button. Then in the same box, enter your new email address and hit ADD.

Regards from the ExplorOz Team in Perth, WA
Phone (08) 9403 3737
Fax (08) 9403 3738

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