ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 29

15th July, 2002. In this issue: New ExplorOz Journal, Competition Winner, Desert Parks Pass - SA and Change of Details.

ExplorOz Journal - NEW

Perth - Coober Pedy (via Anne Beadell)
Just Published!

This is the first of a 6-part trip diary based on our recent journey from Perth - Birdsville.

Although this was only an 8 day sector, it was a diverse journey across a range of terrains testing both vehicle and occupants.

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Mr Erez Berman of Western Australia who was the winner of our recent Hot Topics competition.

He takes home a copy of this great driving skills manual - worth $19.95. This book has been a great seller so we will continue to keep stocks of it in our Adventure Shop.

Desert Parks Pass - SA

Support ExplorOz as an agent for the Desert Parks Pass - bulk purchases welcome.

On instructions from the SA Department for Environment and Heritage we have had to increase our price of the Desert Parks Pass from $80 to $85 and the renewal has increased from $50 - $55. 

The Desert Parks Passes have also changed from a 5-map pack to a 3-map pack, although the coverage is the same. These new maps are produced by WestPrint especially for the Desert Parks Pass and still contain the same coverage as the standard WestPrint maps. 

Change of details?
Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and look for the Mail List Box down the left of the page. Enter your old email address and hit the DEL button. Then in the same box, enter your new email address and hit ADD.

Regards from the ExplorOz Team in Perth, WA
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