ExplorOz Newsletter - 303

Edition 303: 19th September 2013

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We are pleased to confirm that the change to our customer service operations has gone smoothly. Our Customer Service Manager, Adele Scala, is now handling all incoming calls and emails from her new location in the Pilbara. There are no changes to order dispatch operations from our South Australian warehouse and just a few minor changes in the Perth office (David and Michelle are missing Adele's company and someone to make the morning cuppa!). Please note our new phone number is (08) 9467 4025.

Rate the best Photos

How to do it

When photos are added to Places, you might be surprised to learn that the newest one does not automatically override the main pic. Ever wondered why? Ever thought you’d like to take control of which photo is highlighted as the main place pic? Well here’s how…

To view all photos of a Place, click the Photos tab. Now just hover your mouse over the stars until they change colour to yellow. 3 yellow stars = a rating of 3 out of possible 5 (you can do half ratings also).

The system will automatically select the highest rated pic (highest average rating out of given votes for each photo) to be shown as the main header pic.

New Button

How to Edit Places

When things change and need to be updated, you can normally find an Edit button to fix it there and then on the page. However, there are some features that can only be updated by an administrator.

As part of the collaborative play-space that makes up the fabric of ExplorOz, we encourage you to use these Edit buttons to fix any updates or alert our Place Administrators by clicking this new button if you spot an error that you cannot modify. The new button is available on each Place page as indicated in this sample.

MudMap 2

Turn Your iPhone & iPad into a Powerful Off-Road GPS

The following advertorial is supplied by MudMap:

MudMap 2 is the Ultimate 4WD GPS app. Along with accurate GPS tracking, Mud Map 2 includes detailed 4WD maps of Australia that work with no phone or internet reception, so you can explore Off the beaten track. It is the only app that combines GPS with +4,000 interactive Campsites & Caravan Parks with photos, facility info and community reviews. You can plan trips from your device or PC and mark places of interest with personalised pins. The handy trip recorder keeps track of your trip and allows you to share your adventure with family and friends. Go to MudMap's website to Learn More

Latest Product News from the ExplorOz Shop

Shop Image

Gold & Ghosts WA 100k Digital Map - USB

The Gold and Ghosts 100K Geology & Historical Mine and Lease Map set (now supplied on 8GB USB thumb drive) contains 223 Geology maps (100K scale) and 151 historical map images (various scales) covering significant portions of Western Australia’s various goldfields. 

The Geology maps have been geo-referenced and converted into OziExplorer format (OZF2) and ECW format and can be viewed with a range of GPS mapping programs such as the various versions of OziExplorer (PC, CE and Android), TwoNav, TrackRanger and various GIS programs such as ArcView and MapInfo.

Available For Only $39.99 ($37.99 for Members) from ExplorOz

Shop Image

ExplorOz Caravanners Essentials

The ExplorOz Caravanners Essentials pack contains a range of items hand picked by the ExplorOz Team for caravanners. Including how-to titles, travel guides, and cookbook, as well as the must-have Ampfibian Range, this pack has everything a caravanner needs to get the most out of their next trip. And you'll save $66 off the RRP by buying these items in a pack!

Products included in the pack are: Caravanning Australia, The Complete Caravan Chef, Caravan Parks Australia Wide - Spiral Bound, Caravan & Motorhome Electrics, Ampfibian 15A - 10A Adaptor RV02, Ampfibian Carry Bag.

Available For Only $349.95 ($332.45 for Members) from ExplorOz

Huge Price Reductions On These Items


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