ExplorOz Newsletter - 309

Edition 309: 1st November 2013

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We hope you enjoy this week's edition of our newsletter with all the latest information about what's happening on the website.

Cape York Updates

Many changes have been underway in the Trek Note section of ExplorOz as a result of the audit process which commenced in October. The audit has predominantly focused on road data accuracy so in some areas we've replaced the plot files (available for free download to Members) with newer files. The Cape York area has had a significant update with all new roads data based on driven plot files as new as August 2013 now appearing on the EOTopo maps.

In addition, we no longer publish a single trek note for the Cape York area. We have now produced separate treks for the Old Telegraph Track, and the Peninsula Development Road, along with 6 supporting side trips (and more yet to come over the next few weeks).

Additional Site Server

On Wednesday night, we setup a second independent server process for www.exploroz.com. This means that there are now two front end servers delivering the ExplorOz site. This will significantly improve reliability and help ensure excellent response times.

Over the last few months a large number of the site code improvements have been installed and the reliability has been improving ever since. In fact over the last 2 months there has been no reported system downtime or unavailability (apart from a couple of code installs by the development team). With this added server process it is expected that the site will be able to deliver a high level of service and reliability for the next few years.

Facebook Milestone

We reached 2000 likes on our Facebook page yesterday, which has enjoyed a sudden increase in popularity! Thank you to all that have shown your support.

We've modified how we use our Facebook over time, so if you haven't seen it recently you may not know that it is another valuable way to keep yourself immersed, informed and enthused about camping in Australia.

We only post once or twice a week so you don't need to fear being bombarded. We will share links to our website to highlight new projects we've completed (new articles, trek notes), or new ExplorOz products we've produced. Plus we might occasionally share interesting stories & news relevant to rural Australia, major road condition changes, inspirational destinations, educational snippets about our native species, tips, photos, and sometimes the wacky & bizarre side of travelling. When we post these stories, you might like to "Share" them to your page so that your friends and family can benefit too. You are also welcome to post trip or vehicle photos and share your own interesting stories, but no advertising please.

To "Like" us on Facebook - simply click the thumbs-up like button where you see this image in the side bar of our website. Or, go directly to the ExplorOz Facebook page and click on the "Like" button.

Travel Alerts

Queensland Central West
Landsborough Highway Reconstruction: The huge task of reconstructing Queensland’s flood-damaged road network is well underway between Augathella-Tambo, Tambo-Blackall, Barcaldine-Longreach, Longreach-Winton and Winton-Kynun, and is expected to continue well into 2014. Expect delays and traffic management.

The seasonal closures in the Victoria High Country are lifted today - 1st November. However, as previously advised here, the following tracks in the Alpine National Park will remain closed until 30th November 2013 -
Golden Ridge Track, King Spur Track, Shepherds Creek Track, Kings Plain Track, Kelly Lane, Davies Plain Track, Long Spur Track. In addition, these tracks in the Yarra Ranges also remain closed - Forty Mile Track, Mt Gregory Track, Whitelaw Track, Yarra Ranges National Park Road, and the Unnamed Track will also remain closed.

South Australia
In the Simpson Desert, there have been reports issued to warn travellers that the first few sand dunes west of the K1/Rig Road intersection along the Rig Road, are currently difficult to traverse and may cause problems for drivers. Drivers are urged to carry extra fuel reserves as up to 50% more fuel may be used currently than for a “normal” desert crossing. It's getting late to be out there now anyway!

New South Wales

Currently there are; 8 parks currently affected by fire, 83 parks with closed areas, and 336 parks with fire bans.

Western Australia
Bushfires have currently caused the a temporary closure of the Purnululu National Park.

NW Tasmania – The Western Explorer Rd is closed due to a very large landslip between Corinna and Smithton. The closure is expected to continue through out the summer until March 2014. Heading north from Zeehan and cross the Pieman River, the way out is to go back through Savage River to Waratah.

For current Road and Track Conditions Australia-wide please see the ExplorOz Road Conditions Report. We also welcome anecdotal reports from travellers. Simply find the track you wish to report on, and click the comments section.

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