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Edition 311: 15th November 2013

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4WD Treks Close To Brisbane

This great new title from Boiling Billy features 25 day and weekend 4WD tours on both the beaches and in the forests surrounding Queensland’s capital city. All of the 25 treks featured in this guidebook detail turn-by-turn descriptions of the route along with information on picnic and camping areas.

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Only $39.95 ($37.95 for Members)

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4WD Treks Close to Sydney

This completely revised and expanded 6th edition, now in the A4 format so popular among owners of 4WD vehicles, features 18 of the best four-wheel drive day and weekend treks within a few short hours drive of Sydney. This is one of Boiling Billy's bestselling titles, with over 85,000 copies sold of previous editions.

Available now from ExplorOz
Only $39.95 ($37.95 for Members)

Pyrenees Member Gathering

The yearly Pyrenees Member Gathering has just concluded, and for its seventh year there was an outstanding attendance of 67 members! Organiser Bonz (Vic) has informed us that a great time was had by all, and several lucky members won prizes at the gathering (including 2 Lifetime Memberships).

Read all about the trip in the Pyrenees Gathering 2013 report, with further pictures from attending Members in Pyrenees 2013 and EO Gathering Pyrenees Forum Posts.

Did you miss out on the fun? If you are interested in attending or hosting a gathering, go to the ExplorOz Members Trips and Gatherings system.

Mud Map M7 On & Off Road GPS

The following advertorial is supplied by Mud Map:

Featuring an impressive 7 inch touch screen and 64 channel GPS receiver, the Mud Map M7 offers the best in On and Off road navigation.

Explore off the beaten track in confidence with Australia wide maps from 4 map publishers with 4WD tracks, campsites and caravan parks. Plan your trip from start to finish with advanced trip planning features.

Street navigation is easy with spoken street names, turn-by-turn, predictive traffic patterns, and latest NAVTEQ Australia and NZ maps. Compatible with most reverse cameras.

$50 OFF for ExplorOz fans simply type “EXPLORE” at the checkout.

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Road Data Updates

Since last week’s product release, we have added some more product information to our EOTopo home page that you might find interesting to follow. We've added a new “Updates” tab. This is where we document all version changes, detailing exactly what has been modified.

As you'll see, a minor update occurred on Wednesday this week which appears live on EOTopo Online. A great number of updates will need to be completed before releasing the next version of the EOTopo 200K product but everyone has free online access to EOTopo Online in the interim.

Remember, that with our Lifetime Upgrade Plan, buyers of EOTopo 200K will be able to access a low-cost replacement when a new version is released so you will never have to buy a full price replacement. We will make the upgrades as cheap as we possibly can, however we need strong sales of the first release to ensure we see sufficient interest in ongoing development. There's been a very positive response so far to the recent release of EOTopo 200K, with excellent feedback on usability, clarity and function. Don't sit on the fence, get EOTopo 200K now!

Uploading User Treks

One of the frustrations with using any topographic mapping in Australia until now has been the lack of anyone capable of merging updates back into the source data. Here at ExplorOz, we are doing just that, right now with EOTopo. But did you know, that as a member of the ExplorOz community, you can be a part of the solution too?

Simply drive along any road that you know has changed alignment since the old maps, and record it using your digital navigation tools. Upload it to ExplorOz using the User Treks Upload tool and we’ll do the rest. If you wouldn’t mind sending us an email too that would be great. Because this project requires the best quality data possible, we have a few tips for you:
  • Use OziExplorer or your favourite mapping system to get the highest number of points in recording your track file.
  • Keep your track files short – within an area/region. Long recordings can be split up into smaller files using OziExplorer before submitting.
  • Don’t submit files with errors, remove errors in OziExplorer then upload.
  • Name the submitted track file with the relevant track name/area name.
See our Help Blog - User Treks: Creating, Saving or Uploading

Travel Alerts

As a result of the 2011/12 wet season, several state controlled roads in the far north of Queensland have received severe damage. Road works, diversions and closures for short periods of time (15 minutes) will occur at the following locations.
  • Atherton - Herberton Road (Atherton)
  • Gillies Range Road (Yungaburra, Atherton)
  • Longlands Gap Road (Herberton)
  • Millaa Millaa - Malanda Road (Malanda, Millaa Millaa)
  • Tinaroo Falls Dam Road (Tinaroo)
  • Kennedy Highway (Ravenshoe, Atherton , Mt Garnet, Kuranda Range).
  • Mareeba - Dimbulah Road (Mareeba)
  • Palmerston Highway (Millaa Millaa)
South Australia
The following National Parks will be closed shortly for the periods indicated for administrative purposes.
  • Billiatt Wilderness Protection Area
    24 November 2013 until 30 November 2013
  • Ewens Ponds Conservation Park
    16 September 2013 until 01 December 2013
  • Granite Island Recreation Park
    22 November 2013 until 27 November 2013
  • Karte Conservation Park
    24 November 2013 until 30 November 2013
  • Peebinga Conservation Park
    24 November 2013 until 30 November 2013
  • Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve
    30 November 2013 until 15 March 2014
  • Western River Wilderness Protection Area, Kangaroo Island
    29 October 2013 until 30 June 2014
New South Wales
The recent rain has been of considerable help for the fire fighting effort;
  • 12 parks currently affected by fire
  • 89 parks with closed areas 
  • 179 parks with fire bans
For hazard reduction burning information, major wildfire updates and a list of all current incidents in NSW, please visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

For current Road and Track Conditions Australia-wide please see the ExplorOz Road Conditions Report. We also welcome anecdotal reports from travellers. Simply find the track you wish to report on, and click the comments section.

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