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Edition 326: 28th March 2014   

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Voting Period Extended

Comp Image
The quality of photos submitted by the outback photographers in this year’s competition are outstanding but the volume of votes from the audience is very disappointing! There are 283 photos in the competition and hardly enough votes to call it a fair decision so we have decided today to extend the voting period for another 3 weeks, so come on ExplorOz vote now!

All you have to do is browse through gorgeous photos of Australia! Too easy. As you are viewing each one, let your reactions guide you. Simply move your mouse over the stars and rate each photo based on how they represent the Aussie Landscape and how it would look painted onto a circular saw blade. A 5 star vote is the maximum, and a 1 star is the minimum. ½ star votes are also possible. It doesn’t matter how many pics you vote, nor how many you give the same vote – it all depends on the total volume of votes received and the highest aggregate score.

This links now allows you to view ALL photos on one page. So go make yourself a cuppa, click THIS LINK TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS and start voting!
Voting period extended to 17th April (last day before Easter).

Wildflowers Bio Regions

Article Image

The ExplorOz Wildflowers section has now been updated to display Bio Regions for each Wildflower, enabling you to identify which area each wildflower is found in (see left for example for the Mountain Bells flower).

Now that the mapping is available, we would like to encourage you to add your own photos and additional descriptions (if required) to existing posts - please ensure that you are certain that your plant is indeed the same genus and species as the record that you are posting in.

If you cannot see a matching record for your photos, you can easily create a new entry, so please take the time to have a look and contribute!

The 5-Star Genie Guarantee

Ad Image
  • Dyno proven power
  • Easy DIY fit, no hoist needed
  • Ships in less than 3 day
  • 5-year won't break warranty
  • Aussie built tough... Or Your Money Back!
Fitting a high-flow performance exhaust can be the most cost-effective way to get more power, performance, towing ability and fuel economy.

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No exhaust manufacturer in the world offers a guarantee that even comes close.

The above advertorial is supplied by Genie Performance Exhausts.

EOTopo - Explore Better!

EOTopo Image ExplorOz's very own EOTopo 200K is the most accurate and up to date topographic mapping available on the market, with a custom look designed for use on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

This is the digital map product that you need to take your trip planning and navigation to the next level. ExplorOz Treks are displayed on the map, and a searchable POIs database of over 80 000 ExplorOz Places can be viewed and displayed on the map as per your requirements. We are dedicated to ensuring that this product remains as current as possible, integrating data from Government organisations, submitted by ExplorOz'ers and from our own ongoing research. By purchasing an EOTopo product, you also have access to a lifetime upgrade plan, which includes a significant discount on the purchase of all future releases.

The below information will assist you in deciding which EOTopo product to purchase for your needs:

Shop Image

EOTopo Buying Tips

For users with a navigation system

If you own a device that is running OziExplorer, OziExplorer CE, OziExplorer Android, Trackranger, or any other Navigation Software that can utilise OZF4 or ECW files, all you need is the EOTopo 200K product on USB or SD to utilise this mapping. Load the maps in the relevant map format (OZF4 for OziExplorer products or ECW for other Navigation Software), and you're ready to go!

Available for only $99.95 ($94.95 for Members)
Shop Image

For users with a Windows device

If you have a laptop or tablet device with Windows Operating Software (excluding Windows CE), all you need is an available USB port and you can utilise the GPS and Digital Map Starter Pack - EOTopo 200K.

This pack comes with a Globalsat BU-353S4 GPS Receiver, OziExplorer Navigation Software and EOTopo 200K maps (on either USB or SD Card), which work together to provide you with a complete off road navigation solution.

Available for only $254.95 ($242.20 for Members)
Shop Image

For IOS, Android & Windows Users

If you own a PC, Android Device or an IOS device (iPhone/iPad) you can take advantage of the free Memory Map trial, details and download links are found under buying options on the EOTopo 200K page.

If you are a current Memory Map user, EOTopo is available in the DMS, please see the EOTopo page on the Memory Map website.

Available for free trial, full version from $59 (for use on one device)

National Members’ Gathering

Gathering Image
The ExplorOz National Members' Gathering 2014 will be held at Trilby Station located on the Darling River Run from the 28th of September to the 4th of October. Members can register to attend on the Gathering Page.

Campsite and cabin bookings need to be made asap - we have not made any reservations. Please contact Trilby Station (make sure to mention your member number). It’s a popular time for visitors to come to Trilby so don't miss out. Jump to it now folks!

Put your name down to be a part of the National ExplorOz Gathering. It’s sure to be a fantastic event of socialising, and relaxing in a wonderful part of the outback.

New to the Shop

Shop Image

Perth & the South West - 4WD & Camping Escapes

Explore Western Australia’s south west corner with 4WD + Camping Escapes — Perth & the South West. Written by experienced authors and outdoor enthusiasts, it is a comprehensive guide to enjoying both four-wheel driving and camping in Western Australia’s south west corner.

This guide to the best four-wheel driving and camping locations in South West Western Australia features regional sections outlining the area’s 4WD Tracks and Featured Camping Areas, with a Camping Directory at the end to provide comprehensive coverage of other camping areas.

Available for $39.95 ($37.95 for Members) from the ExplorOz Shop.

Shop Image

Hema Navigator 7

Our stock of the Hema Navigator HN7 has arrived, and orders are now shipping. The exclusive Hema Navigator + EOTopo units (pre-loaded with EOTopo200K) are also due to arrive on the 4th April. All backorders will be filled first, then new orders filled. So get in line and pre-order one now.

To ensure you receive your device asap, place your order now!

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