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Edition 327: 3rd April 2014   

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New Interface for EOTrackMe

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As of today, we’ve completed the first of a series of changes to be rolled out through the EOTrackMe interface for users. This has been a major change and the rest will probably be quite minor in comparison.

The EOTrackMe group map page (accessed from the menu) has a totally new look with some extra features to make following a traveller much easier. Take a look around, it should be self-explanatory.

A few things to note; the map now shows “clusters” of travellers - using circles with a number. The number indicates how many travellers currently in that region. Hover over these clusters to view the area, and click to open up the region and zoom into individual traveller positions.
The position marker for each traveller is colour-coded as per the legend shown below the map, so at a glance you can see the level of activity. You can hover over a position marker to see the name of the traveller (by Member Name, & Device name). Click a position marker to bring up a box with a time stamp for that position and a link to view the daily tracking log. This is a totally new feature we’re brought to EOTrackMe and will prove very useful to your family and friends using EOTrackMe to follow your trip progress. The daily tracking works with a panel showing daily start and stop points that when clicked move the map to each position – use map zoom controls as required.

Important Note: There will be a significant amount of time (a few months) until we can roll out the next stage which will be bringing this new interface over to your individual Member Profile Page, so we recommend that you start asking your family/friends to find you via the group map page instead for your upcoming trips.

Tip: If you find your device shown on the map but you have finished your trip, please remove it. Do this by going to MyTracking (and choose either clear or save). If you select SAVE, it will not just remove your marker off the map, but your tracking file will be stored in your profile as a User Trek (you can rename it to something meaningful). Once you’ve saved a file, you can also embed it into blogs to truly make a wonderful travel journal. We recommend you SAVE or CLEAR each trip when you finish. When you start up EOTrackMe again to track your next trip a new tracking file will be created logging your daily movements.

Easter Camp Meals

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Are you planning on doing some Camp Cooking this Easter? If you are looking for ideas for meals, check out the ExplorOz Recipes section.

Even better if you create some great meals on your trip, don't forget to take photos and upload them to this section so that the ExplorOz community can benefit from your culinary knowledge!

All registered site users have access to create recipe pages and upload images, so please take the time to have a look and contribute!

Keep the Votes Coming

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Following our feature on the Photo Comp in last week's newsletter, we've received a great response with a huge surge in votes. The more opinions we receive the fairer the outcome will be, so if you haven't already, please vote now!

All you have to do is browse through gorgeous photos of Australia! Too easy. As you are viewing each one, let your reactions guide you. Simply move your mouse over the stars and rate each photo based on how they represent the Aussie Landscape and how it would look painted onto a circular saw blade. A 5 star vote is the maximum, and a 1 star is the minimum. ½ star votes are also possible. It doesn’t matter how many pics you vote, nor how many you give the same vote – it all depends on the total volume of votes received and the highest aggregate score.

Note: You must be logged in for this to work - the login tab is at the top left hand side of the site above the site header, and will only appear if you aren't already logged in.

So go make yourself a cuppa, click THIS LINK TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS and start voting!

Voting period extended to 17th April (last day before Easter).

Review Prize Draw Winner

Review Image

Congratulations to Dowser. You have won a $100 gift voucher in our March Review Prize Draw. This voucher can be used in the ExplorOz online shop on any purchase. 

For your chance to be April's winner, simply enter a Review for any product in our Shop, regardless of where/when you purchased it. The more reviews, the better your odds to win the draw. Review tabs are found on every item page in the ExplorOz Online Shop.

EOTopo – There’s More to Explore

EOTopo Image
Buy the EOTopo200K mapset on your choice of USB or Micro SD card and get both ECW and OZF4 file formats for all 11 map files included. You’ll get:
  • 6x200K map files broken down into States as follows - WA, SA, NT, QLD, NSW/VIC & TAS
  • A 200K single map file for the whole of Australia
  • Plus 10M, 5M, 2.5M, and 1M map files for the whole of Australia
  • Over 80,000 POIs (extracted from ExplorOz Places) in OziExplorer Name Search database format
For more information see EOTopo.

Got an update to report? Email us the details:

New to the Shop

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ExplorOz Spare Wheel Cover - Pre Order

The highly anticipated new design ExplorOz Spare Wheel Covers are currently in production (printed and manufactured in WA), and stock is due to arrive in the last week of April.

These Wheel Covers are of the same high quality as all previous Wheel Covers at a very affordable price! There is a wide range of sizes available, to find the perfect size for your spare wheel, see our Tyre Size Calculator.

All pre-orders will be due for delivery by the end of the month.

Available for $39.95 ($37.95 for Members) from the ExplorOz Shop.

After a bargain? There are limited stocks available of the Size 003, Size 005, and Size 011 in the old design available for only $27.95!

Shop Image

Hema Navigator 7

Our stock of the Hema Navigator HN7 has arrived, and orders are now shipping. Our first shipment of the exclusive Hema Navigator + EOTopo units (pre-loaded with EOTopo200K) has arrived and pre-orders are currently being filled, more stock is on the way to be delivered mid next week for additional orders, so get in line and pre-order one now.

To ensure you receive your device asap, place your order now!

Travel Tips & Alerts

Roads Image Woomera Prohibited Area Access Zones

The following information has been provided by the Department of Defence.

The Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) Exclusion Windows for the 2014/15 financial year are being amended; the Government introduced the Defence Legislation Amendment (Woomera Prohibited Area) Bill 2014 in the Senate on 27 March 2014. See this blog for the details.

Road and Track Conditions Australia-wide are published and updated weekly in the ExplorOz Road Conditions Report. Anecdotal reports from travellers can also be added. Simply find the track you wish to report on & click the comments section.

Spread the Word on Facebook

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We understand the power of social media in helping spread news when community action/or awareness is needed to keep tracks and camps open.

If you have a relevant environmental/camping/4WD/track use campaign in your local area that needs support, we are happy to let you post it to the ExplorOz Facebook page to generate additional awareness through our wide-reaching network of concerned outback users.

(Please note that commercial notices, requests for charitable donations, & fundraising drives are not permitted).

Find us on Facebook

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