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Edition 328: 10th April 2014   

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Australia's Top Places to See

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Earlier this year, the ExplorOz audience were asked to nominate Australia's Top Places to See. The results are now out in this NEW article published on yesterday.

Unlike the mainstream sectors of tourism, the ExplorOz community of travellers really know how to find the real outback so check out what's in this list and let us know if you agree by posting a review/comment in the article. Read the New Article Here

How to send a Direct Link to your EOTrackMe page

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Further to the new updates to EOTrackMe released last week, we've now added a super-easy way for you to send a custom-link to your family so that they can find your tracking page without any searching or browsing on ExplorOz.
All you need to do is go to the new "Direct Link" button, which you'll find in your Device Settings (along with the "Edit Device" and "Get Embed Code" buttons).

When you click the "Direct Link" button, you'll see a link that you simply copy and paste into an email, which you would then send to family/friends. (If you have more than 1 device, or change your device, you'll need to make sure that you send them the appropriate link).

Provided you are a Member, and have registered a device to EOTrackMe, and have some tracking currently in the system recorded by this device, then this link will open directly to the screen showing your tracking path & daily log. If you are just setting up your device and have not done any test tracking outside your Geofence (your security zone) then the link will simply show the standard EOTrackMe map the clusters of other travellers on the map. Once you begin travelling however, the link will automatically detect and show your tracking data.

Welcome New Business Members

These are our newest Business Members.

To see the full list of Business Members, go to the Members tab on the site menu, then select "Find a Business".

Business Memberships are available for 6 months if you're joining for the first time, or save and buy a 12 month package. Business Members are important to ExplorOz so you'll find we look after you with loads of extra options to promote your business to the audience through Blogs, Member Rewards, Home Page features and even your Business Name is loaded into the Forum Keyword Link system. No other tourism/automotive website can offer you so much for so little. Find out more here.

EOTopo – Maps for Real Explorers

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EOTopo by ExplorOz is the latest in topographic mapping for the whole of Australia at a scale of 1:200 000. Topographic mapping is the only solution for the true explorer, so don't leave home without it. Additional mapping software or apps are required (sold separately). For more information see EOTopo.

Don't forget that ExplorOz is uniquely positioned in the market to utilise your tracking data to update these maps with any realignments, additions, omissions etc that you find as you go. Community collaboration is important to an Australia-wide product like this so if you see areas that you know require updates, and can supply track data then email to: for inclusion in a future release.

New to the Shop

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Cape York - Travel and Adventure Guide

New 13th Edition - Previous title: Cape York - An Adventurers Guide

This all-new book is in full colour and is spiral bound, all of the information has been updated, extensively revised and distilled into a no-nonsense guide to the very best of Cape York. 

Includes the latest track information for remote travel throughout the region whether you wish to travel the Overland Telegraph Line or something even more remote on the east or west coasts of the Cape. Likewise there’s a host of detail on remote camping areas, fishing spots and boat launching places – many of these with GPS points and in-depth access particulars.

Available for $34.95 ($33.20 for Members) from the ExplorOz Shop.

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LED Rechargeable Portable Flood Light

The LED Rechargeable Portable Flood Light is designed for 4WDrivers, Campers and Caravanners requiring a versatile lighting solution that includes the ability to illuminate large areas. There are three flexible mounting options to choose from; use the included stand for a portable light that can be placed on any flat surface, the Tripod Mount for LED Flood Light (purchased separately) for an elevated camp light, or bolt it on as a permanent fixture where suitable.

These lights are rated IP65 dustproof and waterproof, and there is now a Yellow 10W option for insect control. Prices have also dropped significantly for 2014.

Available from $99.95 ($94.95 for Members) from the ExplorOz Shop.

Travel Tips & Alerts

Roads Image Tasmania: The Western Explorer, closed by a massive landslide in October, 2013, has now reopened (just in time for Easter!) For more information on travelling this road, please see our Arthur River to Corinna Trek Note.

Road and Track Conditions Australia-wide are published and updated at least weekly, in the ExplorOz Road Conditions Report.

We encourage ExplorOzers to submit their own experiences after recent trips into these reports. Simply find the track you wish to report on & click the comments section.

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