ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 34

25th September, 2002. In this issue: ABC Radio Requests Talk Back Guests for New Travel Show, Upgraded classifieds System, Tips for Logging On and New Trek Notes.
Dear ExplorOz Reader,
ABC Radio Requests Talk Back Guests for New Travel Show
ABC Radio have invited ExplorOz readers to participate in a new radio program called "The Idlers" which will go to air nationally. It is a travel and aural history show designed to inspire people to travel around Australia through various anecdotal stories told by real travellers - like you and I.

The recording of the pilot for this show will be held this Friday night - September 27th over a 2 hr period from 7-9pm at the Melbourne Studio in Southbank. You have been invited to participate either by coming to the studio or by being phone participants. 

It sounds like its going to be a fun night and refreshments will be provided. If you can attend, please contact Ian Mannix via email

Upgraded Trader System
The Trader has become so popular that we've put some extra effort into improving it for users. Major improvements are:
  • entry to Trader via main index page
  • index shows 6 categories of product type, plus an "All" view
  • each category has both a "for sale" and "wanted" section with the number of items listed in each clearly shown
  • new display screen using standard fields to suit the category
  • sellers location is given by state, city and suburb
  • category view can be refined by state or all
  • sellers privacy is protected with new email enquiry form so no one can view your email address to send you spam
  • sellers receive email from buyers (via our privacy protection system) and only need to hit reply to the message received from our system rather than using the person's private email address
  • free ads are ranked by date - ie. new ads at top
  • free ads remain on the site for 1 month only, but there is no limit to how often you can resubmit the same ad 
  • free ads cannot have a photo and are limited to 250 characters of text
  • photos can be submitted with ad at time of submitting ad - all you need is a jpg or gif on your computer and you simply follow the instructions and our system will receive it automatically and load it into your ad
  • ads with photo remain listed at the top of the category until sold and removed from system
  • ads with photo (display ad) show a thumbnail image on the main display page - can be clicked for larger view. 
  • ads with photo can have more text in the display - up to 1000 characters
  • ads with photo cost $15 and will remain at the top of the category until you flag it as sold.
  • Payment of $15 for ads with photo (display ad) is via credit card and is processed on our secure server 
  • sellers can maintain their own ad - ie. by changing price or flagging when sold

The system is now fully interactive for both sellers and buyers. Feedback from sellers is highly positive and it seems people are getting great results so give the Trader a go!

Tips for Logging On
You can use the ExplorOz website passively at any time but if you wish to interact, then you will need to ensure that you are logged on. 

The easiest way to log on is to Enable Auto Logon, that way our system will automatically load your profile every time you load www.exploroz.com on your computer. Unless you are a Member or Customer (Advertiser) you should be using a Visitor Logon Profile. Ignore the following if you are a Member or Customer (you will be sent separate newsletters).

If you haven't Enabled Auto Logon, you will need to manually log on.

Look for this button found in the left margin on any page.

Click the "System Logon Button" and type your email address into the Visitor field. Then you need to type in your password. You can always hit the FORGOT PASSWORD button and it will be instantly emailed to you.

Note - new users will have to firstly validate their details before logging on. You will have received email so just follow the prompts.

What happens when I log on?

When you log on, the page will not change - but you will notice an orange bar such as the one below appear at the top. 

In the bar you will see your "email address" and your "screen name". You will also see 2 blue buttons.

  • The Edit button will allow you to make changes to your profile. Please read our Privacy Policy to understand that these details are only used in our dealings with you personally. Any changes to your email address etc must be maintained by you.
  • The Logoff button will allow you to logoff the system. You will not really need to logoff but it is always good practise for security, especially if you share your computer system with other people.

For navigating the standard pages of the site, simply use the navigation menu as usual. However, when you use the Trader, Fuel Prices, Forum etc your details will be auto-filled for you, saving you time and eliminating errors.

ExplorOz stocks over 400 products specifically for travellers of Australia
To make browsing and buying in the Adventure Shop a little easier, we've added 3 new features that are special category links:
  1. Top 15 Sellers (ever) - the most popular products we've ever sold based on volume.
  2. Top Products (last 2 weeks) - the most popular products sold in the last fortnight.
  3. New (or revised) Products - any new product added to the system and any product that has been changed such as new edition, change of cover.

You will find these links in a strip on the right hand side of various pages on the site - eg. Home, Forum, All 12 Trip Preparation Topics, All Resources pages, some features pages, the Trader and of course in the Shop itself. All you have to do is click any of the items shown with a thumbnail picture to browse the item in the shop. If you wish to buy anything, just click the Add to Cart button. If not, continue browsing the site as usual.

These lists and links are system-controlled so they will change over time and will always represent facts based on sales in real-time. So take a look - you'll notice more new books and some revised map editions there right now!

Don't forget - you don't have to pay by credit card (we accept cheques and money orders) AND you don't have to pay online (you can pay direct into our account, ring us with your credit card details, send a fax or send details by mail). However, you must place your order using the online system - simply select your preferred payment option from the pulldown lists during the order process.

We accept these payment methods

For more information about how we process orders, please read our Payment and Security page.

New Trek Notes
In the last few days our count of Trek Notes has increased from 66 to 73 - that's 7 new Treks for you to get your teeth into. However, at the time of writing, some of them are still under construction. Due to the nature of the site's maintenance we needed to publish them in their temporary form to be able to complete them. So please be patient - completion of all should be before end October.

Completed new treks are: Simpson Desert (a combined route); The French Line and The Rig Road.
Treks under construction are: The Tanami, The East Pilbara Gorge Loop, The Inside Track, Walkers Crossing. See Trek Search for summaries of all 73 treks.

Change of details?
It's easy and its automatic!
Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and look for the Mail List Box down the left margin of the site. Enter your name and hit the DEL button. Then in the same box, enter your name and your new email address and hit ADD. 
Note - if you are logged on you will have to click the blue log off button before doing this, but make sure you also update your profile when you are logged on.

Happy Travel Planning from the ExplorOz Team
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Fax (08) 9403 3738

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