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Edition 340: 3rd July 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We hope you enjoy this week's edition of our newsletter with all the latest information about what's happening on the website. In fact, this is our first newsletter sent through the new AWS system and we have our fingers crossed for a success!

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The site migration we mentioned in last week's newsletter is now mostly complete and thankfully there were only 7 hours in total of site downtime across the 3 nights and all of it when you should all have been tucked up in your warm cosy beds.

If you're interested in the technical details, feel welcome to take a read of the Site Migration post in the Forum where Dave has been posting updates about the staging of the migration each day.
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When you open a thread in the ExplorOz Forum you will see a cluster of blue buttons on the RHS immediately below the initial post details. These buttons are:- Post Reply, Back to Forum, Thread Watch, Alert Moderator and FAQ. If you click the FAQ button you'll find access to a stack of info on how to use the forum. Thread watch allows you to effectively bookmark a post for later reference - watched posts (called Forum Watched) can be retrieved from your My Home section (located at the very Top LH corner of the website).
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What's Blooming in July? Right across southern parts of the country from deserts to mountainous areas like the Flinders Ranges you should be able to observe mistletoe just starting to flower. Look up into the canopy of larger trees to spot thick clumps of mistletoe leaves among the branches of eucalypts and mulga trees. The mistletoe is a parasite on the tree, but has attractive red flowers. Mistletoe provides food and nesting places for many birds and small mammals. Find more in the Wildflowers section of the ExplorOz website.
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Check details & dates in our Travel Tips & Alerts

You can trust ExplorOz as the easiest source to find Road Conditions Reports Australia Wide. These reports are updated at least weekly, and contain both the latest official reports released by reporting services (status & notes), plus crowd-sourced information that comes from registered ExplorOz'ers who have added their own recent personal travel experiences.

Places Map New POI Cluster Feature: The map of Australia on the Places main page has been upgraded to use new cluster markers. These markers allow you to quickly browse and search the map for relevant POIs in any given area. Numbers show how many POIs in each area - click to active the auto-zoom and pin the POI icons. Hover a POI icon to view the name of the Place, or click to pop up some pics, and a list of the site features. This is a significant improvement that allows you to quickly move through this incredible database of over 85,000 POIs with relevant results each time you click. Please note - this upgrade is not fully complete, meaning we have even further enhancements to add for your enjoyment. Start planning your next journey!

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