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Edition 341: 10th July 2014

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Places Map New EOTrackMe Android Update: A new version of EOTrackMe Android was released on 7th July through the Google Play Store. The new version is V4.3 and fixes an issue that affected some devices when they either booted or went into off-line (out of service) mode. The new fix makes the app much more stable and reliable on a wider array of devices. If you have auto updates set in your Play Store settings it will automatically update. Otherwise, go to the Play Store, search for EOTrackMe and then click Update to install the new version. The update is free of course.
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The ExplorOz website migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now fully complete. Thanks to those that have provided feedback that has allowed us to iron out some small glitches over the last few days. Every little bit counts and if you don't tell us what's wrong we assume its all working smoothly. The new site is performing very well but if you encounter any errors on the site please report to asap. Thanks!
ExplorOz ImageHow to put a video in the Forum - below the box where you type your words to create or reply to a post, are 2 rows of action buttons including Submit. In the middle of the 2nd row you'll see "Embed Video". Click this to correctly setup the placement of a video you wish to post. Videos in Blogs are done the same way too.

Wildflower Image What's Blooming in July? Visitors to National Parks and reserves between Geraldton and Denham on the WA coast might see the distinctive dusky red or pink flower heads of the Murchison Rose (Diplolaena mollis) or the closely related Tamala Rose (Diplolaena grandiflora). These shrubs are in the same family as Banksias and Grevilleas. They produce plenty of nectar so are a favourite of honeyeaters and other nectar feeding birds, small mammals and insects.

Find more, or add your own findings in the Wildflowers section of the ExplorOz website.
Wildflower Image Canning Stock Route DVD The Canning Stock Route is considered one of the last frontiers - a challenging 4x4 trip that requires extensive preparation and planning. So who would ever think to walk it?

In search of inspiration for her drawings and paintings, artist Pam Armstrong is amongst the few who have walked the Canning Stock Route. Her journey was undertaken and completed a year ago this week and ExplorOz'ers may remember encountering her along the track or may have read the various posts about her journey in our Forum.

Her newly released DVD "Up Close on the Canning" shows a very different perspective to what you'll see in your vehicle. Travelling on foot she was able to observe the small details of plants and animals that live along the route, and rather than flat tyres, she dealt with blisters. There are many highs and lows in the story and you'll even see photos of her finished paintings interspersed with footage of the scenes that inspired the artwork. Just $29.95 from ExplorOz ($28.45 for Members)

Advertisement: Spirit of Tasmania is proud to announce the new release of their FREE travel guide Experience Tasmania — Food, Wine & Culture edition. Your ultimate guide to Tasmania's stunning produce, restaurants, markets, wine regions, gourmet trails, shopping, heritage, culture and more. Whether you're interested in wineries, farm gate produce, restaurants, galleries and history, they've packed the guide with loads of great ideas to suit everyone. There’s even a handy fold-out map to help you plan a truly mouth-watering itinerary. What are you waiting for?

Request your free guide and start your Tassie experience today!

Clearance Sale - 47% Discount

Our biggest ever sale is still on with over 100 books and 32 DVDs/CDs to choose from. A huge number of the books are specifically related to cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes so if you know someone that has recently just taken up one (or more) of these sports and is keen to improve then send them a link to this sale or why not buy them a gift?

There are still tons of great travelling items amongst the clearance items however, so don't overlook these great bargains. Here's a collection we thought you might like.

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