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Edition 343: 25th July 2014

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The Top 3 Must-Haves for Exploring Oz

H2No Towels
H2No Towels
Keep clean when water is scarce
Eflare EF350
Eflare EF350
Stay visible by the roadside in case of breakdown/tyre change
ExplorOz Spare Wheel Rubbish Bag
ExplorOz Spare Wheel Rubbish Bag
Handy not only for carrying rubbish, but also could be used for carrying bulky items not sensitive to temperature

Get Active for Spring

These 3 guide books are currently a bargain buy with 47% discount off the RRP as part of our massive Clearance Sale. Why not grab these handy guides now either for yourself, or a gift - they could be just the inspiration you need to get active in Spring!

Where to Ride Melbourne
Where to Ride Melbourne
Cycling Around Sydney
Cycling Around Sydney
Where to Ride Tasmania
Where to Ride Tasmania

Wildflower ImageNew Travel DVD: From the producers of The Big Lap DVD we featured in last week's newsletter, comes another new product to the ExplorOz Shop. Discovering Lake Argyle tells the amazing story of Australia's East Kimberley, featuring The Ord River Scheme, the pioneering Durack family and the spectacular East Kimberley region in this quality production featuring Steve Baile.

Only $18.95 for ExplorOz Members
National Gathering2014 National Gathering News: ExplorOz has exclusive use of Trilby Station in outback NSW for this year's gathering, 28 Sept - 3 Oct. Gathering Organiser Member - Sir Kev & Darkie has just returned from Trilby to ensure everything is going to plan. Kev is thrilled with the location and encourages more who wish to come to sign up asap. Apparently some people who have registered with Kev have not yet made their bookings with Liz, and confirmation of numbers for the Wednesday night dinner are also required now. Please read this post if you are intending to go to ensure that you are on track with your preparations. All details about the Gathering can be found here.
New Business Members New Business Members: We encourage our audience to support the ExplorOz Business Members. You can find our Business Members in the Members tab on the website - click "Find a Business".

Our latest Business Members are:

Wildflower ImageSundews: Right across the country, wherever there is damp ground there is a good chance of finding Sundews or one of the many species of Drosera. These small plants have a rosette of leaves at ground level from which a flower stalk arises. Leaves may be green or red and some species are climbers. Droseras trap and digest small insects by means of sticky hairs on their leaves. Eagle-eyed children are good at spotting these fascinating little plants.

Use ExplorOz to identify more wildflowers on your travels, or update photos of your own to our Wildflower database.
ExplorOz Image ExplorOz Image
EOTopo online
features a strip of icons that allow you to modify the output of the map screen. Hover over the icons to view a description of what each button will do, and click to activate.

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