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Edition 345: 7th August 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We hope you enjoy this week's edition of our newsletter with all the latest information and tips for using the website.

ExplorOz ImageTip of the Week - When viewing places, the map default uses a Topo base map. If you wish to zoom in further than what the map seems to allow, you can switch the base map to use a Satellite map. If you were at max zoom setting on the topo map, you'll find that the setting on the satellite map will be at about setting No. 9 - and you can zoom right in to No. 14 on the zoom slider. A very handy tip when detail is important!
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Bloomin' News - If you are currently travelling in the SW of WA watch out for that bluest of blue wildflowers, the Blue Lechenaultia or Lechenaultia biloba. The plants only grow to about one metre in height and can be quite straggly. However the flowers really compensate being quite large (about 3cm across) and abundant so they often completely cover the plant. But it is the intensity of the blue that is almost literally electrifying. For a thrilling shock, find a blue Lechenaultia.

Use the wildflower section on ExplorOz to learn about the local flora before your next trip or to look up plants that caught your eye from your last trip.

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Men - Grab your Women!! Ok guys, now that we've got your attention, it's not that we're being sexist, but we want this message to reach the cook of the camp. In fact, better still we want the attention of the person who does the menu planning for your trip. If that's not you, then show this newsletter to the person who is!

We are about to launch a new series of monthly competitions to reward the people that share recipes to the ExplorOz Online Recipe Cookbook.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details!

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New Release - Hema's popular Mid-West Western Australia map has just been updated. The new edition has just arrived in our warehouse so check out the coverage (using the tips we gave you in last week's newsletter) and if that's where you'll be travelling soon make sure you grab a copy now.

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