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Edition 346: 14th August 2014

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ExplorOz ImageTip of the Week - Did you know when you're out travelling and have a smartphone handy, you can share photos directly off your phone to the ExplorOz website? This is a Member's-only feature and your phone needs to use the same email account as your Member profile, but if it does, all you do is snap, then share the photo by email and send to or even depending where you want the photo to appear. Just remember it will publish automatically using the subject line of your email as the image title. The GPS metadata in the photo will allow the ExplorOz Places server to identify where to put your photo and any text you add to your email will be published as information along with your photo. If you're out of service, your GPS and camera still work and the email you send will sit in your outbox until you reach a connection where it will automatically send.
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Bloomin' News - Orchids in all their incredible variety can be found throughout the wetter parts of the country, across every state.

In tropical areas many orchids are found perched in trees or on rocks, using special aerial roots to collect water and nutrients. In cooler areas many orchids grow in the ground often relying on soil fungi to help them access the nutrients they need for growth. Western Australia has a huge variety of ground orchids, although they can be found in other states as well. Ground orchids are often quite small requiring patience and sharp eyes to find them, but if you do find one you will be well rewarded by these little living gems.

There are already over 60 orchids posted in the Wildflowers section on ExplorOz. How many of them have you been able to find?

Wildflower Image

Ellis Rowan - a different kind of hunter

Many of us have an interest in researching and following the tracks of Australia's early explorers. Not all of those adventurers were men. Ellis Rowan was one of the more prominent of women that chose to defy convention and venture into remote areas where few self-respecting Victorian-era women would dare to go. In her quest to find and document Australia’s native wildflowers she joined that intrepid band of explorers seeking inland seas, minerals, new grazing land, or motivated by scientific ideals.

In this new blog by Life Member - Val, you will enjoy a brief reading of the life and times of Ellis Rowan. Read Val's blog here.

Val is the administrator for the ExplorOz wildflower database. You can find more of her interesting wildflower blogs by clicking the Blooming News tab on the Wildflower section on ExplorOz.

Tips & Ideas for Gathering Recipes - With the upcoming recipe competition soon to start on ExplorOz, we thought we'd put together a few handy tips and facts to help you get ready to win!

  • ingredient lists are not subject to copyright, so yes you can enter a recipe that you've picked up from a book, magazine, or newsletter, but please use your own recipe title, write up the steps in your own words, and of course, only submit your own photos.
  • if you're travelling now, get a head start in our competition by taking a photo of food at every meal time - breakfasts, snacks, lunches, meat, fish, side dishes, sauces, etc. You'll be surprised how many opportunities there are to capture a great recipe idea!
  • Look through your old trip photos - chances are you've already got lots of photos of great dishes you've prepared. Can you remember how you made them?
  • Have some fun and try out some new recipes at home. Invite the neighbours and have a cook-out at home. Don't forget the camera!


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These three maps from Hema have all been recently updated and have just arrived into our warehouse and are ready to ship to customers. For convenience you can trust, always buy maps from the ExplorOz Shop.

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For the Fitness Fanatics...

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