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Edition 349: 4 September 2014

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ExplorOz ImageTip of the Week - Have you ever wondered why some places mentioned in the Forum will auto-link, and others will not? Our system only provides auto-links when it knows there is a photo of the place. We have over 80,000 POIs in the places database and certainly not all have photos! Why not take a moment to add your pics of Places you've visited? You'll be contributing worthwhile information that helps others get a feel for what to see, and if you've got old photos, this can add to the nostalgia!
Wildflower Image

Bloomin' News - Lambertias are hardy shrubs much favoured by nectar feeding birds. Their abundant nectar gives rise to their common name of Native Honeysuckle. There are ten species, nine of which are endemic to the South West of WA, and one, L. formosa, is found in the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands regions of New South Wales. The colourful flowers can be red, orange, yellow and green depending on the species. Beware though, the leaves can be prickly.

Did you see the recent "Wildflower Orchid History Tour" blog by Member - Barry H? A good read with lots of photos.

EOTopo Release 2015 - Sneak Peak

EOTopo 200K 2015 is not far away from being ready to go into production. Months of work has gone into this update with some rather significant changes. It's been a huge task for a small team, but we're excited to show you what we've accomplished:
  • increased road name labelling Australia wide
  • full ExplorOz Places integration including display of all camps and POI data as icons on the map
  • a fully revised Hume & Hovell walking track
  • hundreds of road realignments
  • implementation of user feedback and updates
More information will be made available over the coming weeks via this newsletter!

Forum Image Recipes - We seem to have some keen camp chefs out there who have made the effort to share some of their culinary delights with us in the new ExplorOz Recipes section. Thank you and please keep it coming folks!

Don't forget this month we have a great prize pack up for grabs for those that contribute to the Dips & Condiments section. For me dips and condiments are often an eclectic combination of things in jars and tins together with a few fresh ingredients. It's amazing what we can invent on the road. I'm thinking salsas, guacamole... what do you make? We'd love to see your ideas!

Roads Image Travel Tips & Alerts - The ExplorOz Road Conditions Report is updated from a range of official sources on a regular basis by our volunteer coordinator, Member Mike F (SA). Using these reports we set each road status to one of 3 options OPEN - CAUTION - CLOSED.

Our system extracts the road status and applies this to a National Road Map, which you can see on the ExplorOz Home Page, and again on the Status Map tab on the Road Conditions report page - HOWEVER many roads do not yet have the right code added to enable them to appear on the map so WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Mike simply can't do the task alone and is calling for assistance. Suitable persons are those that:
  1. can use digital maps online
  2. confident using computer and internet
  3. is familiar with ExplorOz Places and Trek Notes
  4. has a logical mind and keen to learn something new
  5. is committed to help us get the task done
If that sounds like you, please contact us to discuss further.

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