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Edition 352: 26 September 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

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Production Update - Just a few hours ago, our servers began production of the 2015 Release of EOTopo200K. This means that all the human endeavor has been done and now our computers begin the task of data extraction to produce the map files in a portable format to get it in your hands and onto your devices.

We are also ready to commence the upgrade of EOTopo online (and Places topo base maps) to use the new 2015 data (currently showing 2014.3) You will notice a massive difference. We are also building a download site for the upgrades. So, plenty of development work still to go. Both the online version and the 200K product is planned for release in October although you can pre-order now. Stay tuned for more news in next week's newsletter.

Last Chance to Get your Raffle Tickets - just 4 days left for those still wanting to buy raffle tickets online for this wonderful hand-painted saw blade that will be drawn at the National Gathering in Trilby on Wednesday 1st October. All funds from the sale of tickets will be donated to Louth RFDS clinic.

Safe travels to all those heading off soon to meet up in Trilby. We hope to see your photos and stories in the blogs soon.

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Bloomin' News - Casuarinas range from shrubs to medium sized trees and are found right across temperate Australia. Two species including the distinctive Desert Oak are found in the central deserts, while other species range across wetter areas and some border the beaches. They are best known for their long “needles” that function as leaves and make a sighing sound as the wind blows through them. The separate male and female flowers are small and mostly inconspicuous, but the seed cones are often large and spiky and are favoured by cockatoos.

Thanks to Member Val Wiseman for these helpful tips!.

Are you a Wildflower buff? If so, then you are encouraged to contribute to the collaboration of information in the Wildflower system. Just click the blue button to ADD NEW WILDFLOWER from the main page. Don't be afraid - get amongst it!

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HN7: EOTopo Edition

Current stock of the HN7:EOTopo Edition is pre-loaded with version 2014.3 of EOTopo but we are offering all buyers of current stock a free upgrade to the next release of EOTopo (v2015), due for release end October 2014.

Limited stock available. Offer only available to new purchases from today and until new factory stock is available. Exclusive to ExplorOz buyers only.

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ExplorOz Recipe Competition

September was a bit saucy was it? Ok, so we started with a difficult one with our first recipe competition calling for Dips, Sauces & Condiments, but are happy to announce that the winner of the September recipe competition is Julie W1. Congratulations - you've won the camp cooking double book prize-pack worth $69.90 thanks to Boiling Billy Publications.

October is Rice & Grains Month
This month the competition is open to anyone that posts a recipe to the Rice & Grains section. This one should be easy - with countless options for rice and grains to be used in side dishes, salads, "balls", and "patties" and lots of variety including couscous, polenta, quinoa, buckwheat and many other new "ancient" grains being popularised in modern cooking today that are fantastically easy to use when camping and nutritious too. Up for grabs is a 2-book camp cooking prize pack valued at $59.90, thanks to A Woman's Look at Camping.
Prize drawn 23/10.

See more at ExplorOz Recipes

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20-30% Off Smart Choice LED Range
All items in the Smart Choice LED range available from the ExplorOz Shop are now 20-30% Off RRP. Hurry, this is for current stock only (and stock is limited). These LED lights are super-versatile (there's even a yellow bulb option to deter insects), and deliver a huge light output for their size, so don't miss out on this great addition to your camp/vehicle set-up at an extra low price!

Available now from the ExplorOz Online Shop.

Shop Image Flys Bugging You?
Spring is here and so too are the flies. Keeping them off your face is easy with the ExplorOz Mozzie Net Hat. Get one for home and travel, and get one for friends and family too. Great gift idea for Christmas too!

ExplorOz Mozzie Net Hat - just $14.95

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