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Edition 354:14 October 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We are thrilled to let you know that the highly anticipated major update to EOTopo 200K is now available. EOTopo 200K is solely produced by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd (owner & developer of ExplorOz) and is now available on either a micro SD card, or a USB drive exclusively from the ExplorOz online shop.


EOTopo 200K is a 1:200 000 medium scale topographic map of Australia produced with quality resolution (200dpi). Additional state maps, small scale maps & supporting files included with purchase.

What's Changed in Release 2015?

  • added extensive road name labelling, Australia-wide
  • added road distance notations to major sealed, and major unsealed roads (>1km with =/- 0.5km rounding)
  • added greater detail to Victorian High Country
  • added roads to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane
  • major road realignments around Brisbane, Adelaide
  • added 5600 Camps/Accommodation POIs to the map with icons
  • added over 1500 Point of Interest features to the map Australia-wide
  • added 65 roadhouses to the map
  • added the 2014 Native Title Register
  • removed many legacy data features & updated with latest ExplorOz Places data
  • modified styling of text labels and road lines

More About EOTopo

EOTopo is a generic product name that covers two different forms of mapping product produced by I.T. Beyond/ExplorOz.
EOTopo Online - an online mapping system (on that contains a "vector-viewing" mapping environment that provides zooming features that reveal more detail the closer you go in, extracting maps at scale of 1:70,000,000 (70M) down to 1:70,000 (70K). Unlike ExplorOz Places (which also uses the EOTopo base map), EOTopo Online does not show any active POIs (other than the campsites and POIs that are now symbolised on the EOTopo Release 2015 maps). ExplorOz users can view EOTopo Online maps for free and if you have a GPS enabled device with an active internet service you can also use the moving map feature to use live position tracking. Take a look at EOTopo online.

EOTopo 200K -  a raster mapset on hard media to load onto a computer, notebook, tablet, smartphone, or navigator. You must have additional map viewing software to open/view these map files (for your convenience, we do sell TrackRanger and OziExplorer separately, but any other system that reads ECW or OZF4 files will also be compatible). The EOTopo 200K map set consists of 14GB of data with the following range of maps provided in both ECW and OZF4 formats for your convenience:
  • 1:200,000 scale state map file
  • 1:200,000 scale whole of Australia map file
  • 1:10,000,000 scale whole of Australia map file
  • 1:5,000,000 scale whole of Australia map file
  • 1:2,500,000 scale whole of Australia map file
  • 1:1,000,000 scale whole of Australia map file
In addition to the map files, EOTopo 200K also comes with a database of over 80,000 POIs (extracted from ExplorOz Places). This is a name search database that allows you to type in a place name and OziExplorer will zoom the map to show the position of that place. Instructions, and supporting technical text files and a map legend are also included as separate files on the media drive.

EOTopo200K is sold on SD card and USB drive exclusively from These map files are produced at a resolution of 200dpi which gives superior clarity.

EOTopo for Memory-Map

Memory-Map is currently the only mapping software/app that allows you to use EOTopo maps on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).  Memory-Map has its own propriety format for Windows/IOS/Android so if you wish to use EOTopo maps you can go to the EOTopo Starter Pack download. A free 3-day trial of the maps is available and after that you make an in-app purchase via Memory-Map. NOTE: Release 2015 not available for another few weeks.

EOTopo for Hema Navigator

EOTopo 200K is also factory-loaded on the Hema Navigator 7 - EOTopo edition - available exclusively from the ExplorOz online shop. Alternatively, if you already own a Hema Navigator (including HN6) you can load EOTopo maps yourself using the OZF4 files (from either SD or USB). NOTE: Release 2015 stock of HN7 not yet available.

More Information & Free Map Downloads

You can find a whole section of information about EOTopo on our website. Go to the EOTopo tab in our site menu. Here you will find a product description, technical section, product history, legend, update history, sample images, EOTopo Online, and links to customer reviews & discussions (Forum posts). You'll also see that we offer 3 free maps that you can download.

Whilst the 200K maps are not available for download (purchase on SD/USB) we do offer a number of smaller scale EOTopo maps for download which are free:

  • EOTopo 1:10,000,000 (10M) Australia 2015
  • EOTopo 1:5,000,000 (5M) Australia 2015
  • EOTopo 1:2,500,000 (2.5M) Australia 2015

These files are included on the SD/USB EOTopo 200K hard media purchase (SD/USB) so there is no need to download if you already have purchased EOTopo 200K from our shop.

Lifetime Upgrade Plan

We intend to keep working to improve EOTopo 200K and plan to offer new release updates at least annually. For this reason, we offer our customers access to an Upgrade Plan that will stay with them for the lifetime of the product. Whilst a cost is involved, this is kept to a minimum.

Discount Code for Upgrade Purchase

For our existing EOTopo 200K customers upgrading to EOTopo 2015, you'll only pay $19.95 if you're a Member, or $24.95  if you're a non-member. Postage additional. Go to the shop and select EOTopo 200K and add the product to your cart. In the cart, use Promo code:
EOTopo Upgrade

This code will take a discount of $75 off the price! We extend our sincere thanks to all our existing customers who have supported us by buying the early releases of EOTopo 200K. Without your support in the early versions, we could not have funded the R&D to get this far, thank you.

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