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Edition 361: 21 November 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

ExplorOzers have been busy this week, with some engaging new pieces such as Encounters with a Military Dragon (includes video), and A redneck, Bogan, Zionist, Racist being posted in the Blogs section. Well done Life Member - Mick O and Member - The Landy. View More Blogs

Quite a few tempting new recipes have also been added such as Big Bad Boy's Ribs - another superbly presented contribution by Member - Brian P (SA). View all Recipes

A large number of interesting new POI entries have also been contributed to Places by Member - John Baas (WA). Complete with useful information and photos, you'll find these new listings in the Recently Added tab. Thank you for sharing your discoveries so that others might find them too.

Plus a significant number of new wildflower photos have been added to the Wildflower section in recent weeks, with a massive contribution by Life Member - Stephen L (Clare), and Life Member - John & Val Wiseman, Member - John Baas (WA) and other individuals too many to mention. Remember - you can simply add a photo to an existing listing or create a new listing if you have a photo and common name of a plant not listed (use Unnamed if you don't know!). You can leave it to the administrators to do the technical bits!

Keep an eye on the What's New section of the site Home Page to stay on top of these regular contributions or simply check-in to each section of the site (click on the section headings in the site menu) and you'll find tabs to easily view the most latest updates.

Everyone is welcome to make contributions and publications - this is how continues to be your best source of practical and relevant 4WDriving, Camping, & Caravanning information. Better still - become a Member if you're not already and not only will you enjoy the benefits, you'll feel a part of the ExplorOz Team! Join Now

Tip of the Week - with the current Photo Comp running, here's a little tip that you might just find handy...

You can view just the photos from all blogs from within a particular tag en masse on a page. Every blog has at least one TAG (this is selected by the author to categorise the subject matter of their blog).

All the entries to the Photo Comp are tagged Photo Comp 2015. So first, find blogs by this tag as shown. Then switch the Display Option - to "Photo View". Easy!

Wildflower Image Bloomin' News - this week our resident Wildflower expert Val Wiseman has prepared two fabulous guides in the Wildflowers section to help people like you & I become better skilled at identifying and recognising the various wildflowers we see as we travel. This is a must-read blog! This then leads onto the next guide in the series - How Plants are Named.

Don't forget to leave comments, questions, or photos of any of the flowering plants you see in your own travels. Even if you can't fill in all the technical details - you can start a new listing with just a name and the colour of the flower - admin will do the rest! Let's collaborate and build a truly unique Australian wildflower database.

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Recipe ImageWin a Viv Moon Cookbook Pack - The addition of a good sauce or topping can turn a plain meal into a delicious one. Whether you're making a sauce ahead of time to take with you, or you have a simple recipe that can be executed on the go, why not share your recipes with other travellers? Now is the time to do it as November is Sauces & Toppings month in the ExplorOz Recipes Competition.

Simply post your recipe to the Sauces section this month and you will be in the draw to win a Viv Moons Cookbook Pack valued at $49.90, thanks to Moon Adventure Publications. The winner will be drawn on the 4/12 and announced in our newsletter.

View all ExplorOz Recipes

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