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Edition 362: 21 November 2014

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

Visit the Forum - Apart from the real-world travel experiences you no doubt enjoy, the ExplorOz Forum is a unique place to visit!

With the extensive uptake of social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms there is greater choice for your online communication. However, the ExplorOz Forum remains the one true place where genuine, relevant and informative discussions about 4WDriving, Caravanning, and Camping in Australia can occur. For posters it also presents a unique opportunity to discuss, debate and give opinions under an alias/screen name within in a niche environment where you aren't being followed by work, family, or "friends".

People are using the ExplorOz Forum to connect with other like-minded people to seek informative responses to their queries - these are often problems they're encountered with their vehicle, camper or equipment setup, as well as on-the-road logistics. Everyone gets enjoyment out of finding posts that strike a chord with their own personal experience and being a part of a discussion can be very rewarding.

After 14 years of operation, ExplorOz continues to enjoy a strong community spirit in the Forum and many actually take the friendship one step further and use the Members Trips & Gatherings section to meet up for trips away.

You do not need to be financial Member to use the Forum - it's free to post a question or reply to an existing thread. If you are a Member, you can opt to receive replies to your posts via email bypassing the need to constantly check your post for any replies. As a Member you also have the privilege of posting photos directly from your computer to the Forum rather than using web-hosted sources, plus Member posts self-promote any Classified ads you may have running.

The ExplorOz Forum remains free from trolls, spammers, and hawkers and being supported by a team of volunteer members who manage any necessary moderation it is the most highly respected forum in the industry for friendliness. How long since you last visited the ExplorOz Forum?

Renew Free - If you are a Member you'll notice that 30 days before your Membership is due to expire, we commence sending you a series of weekly email reminders. If you pay the included invoice before the due date you'll save $20 and only pay $29.95 for your annual Membership (instead of $49.95), however did you know that if you make a purchase in the ExplorOz Shop of over $75 that you'll actually get your Membership renewed for free? Conditions apply so check your email for terms. If in doubt, just give us a call!

Why Blog? - In addition to a Forum, ExplorOz offers you another style of communication service. The term blog, is short for weblog. In essence, a blog is an online journal where an individual presents a chronological record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs.

On ExplorOz, each Member is provided with their own blog. This is your own web space to write words, post pictures, provide links, and embed videos as often as you like. Unlike the Forum, there are no rules about what topics can be posted in your own blog. In fact, you select tag words from a list to categorise your blog into various topics from Art to Weather and everything in between. Of course, being a niche group of outback travel enthusiasts, most blogs written by our Members tend to be travel journals or DIY Projects and make for fascinating reading.

Featured Blog - this week's recommended blog is Building a Robust Electrical System for Self-Sufficient Touring, by Member - Frank P (NSW).

Recipe Image Win a Viv Moon Cookbook Pack - There's only 2 more days left to get in the draw for our November Recipe competition so don't miss out!

Simply post a recipe to the Sauces section during November and you will be in the draw to win a Viv Moons Cookbook Pack valued at $49.90, thanks to Moon Adventure Publications. The winner will be drawn on the 4/12 and announced in our newsletter.

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