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Edition 369: 16th January 2015.

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We understand that it's easy to miss something of interest on ExplorOz unless you're checking-in daily. For this reason, we use our weekly newsletter to highlight new content we've managed, but there are also other ways you can quickly find what's been added by others any time you want and here's how:

What's New?

What's New is located on the ExplorOz Home Page. This gives a live highlight of what's happening across 8 popular areas of the website. Use the numbered buttons at the bottom to select each one, or simply watch as it automatically toggles through each one in sequence.

Another handy tool is the My Home tab (located at the top of the site above the scrolling images). You can go to this tab from anywhere on the site. The My Home tab is customised to you personally and tracks Forum and Classified updates that have been added since you last visited the site. Use these tools to access a filtered list of posts and never miss a thing!

If exploring new Places and gaining inspiration from others is more your thing, then go to the Places section of ExplorOz and click on the blue tabs above the map to change how you access, sort & view information. Here you'll see how Newly Added Places - this shows a full page of results allowing you to quickly scan through. At the bottom of the page you can click a button to get more results - depends how far back you want to browse.

You'll also find a button to view Recent Updates. Most updates are photos that have been posted by travellers so these are always worth a look. Our Place Administrators are often tweaking, correcting and generally expanding information in existing Place records and their work will be flagged in this section too.

Shop Image

Trailer Guides

This Australian product was featured in our newsletter back in October but it is such an innovative product that we thought we'd feature it again in case you missed it the first time.

The Trailer Guides are a multipurpose visual aid for hitching, reversing and driving any towed vehicle such as a boat, jet ski, car and bike trailers, 6×4, tradesman and camper trailers, caravans and horse floats.

Trailer Guides just $75.95 (Members Price)

ExplorOz Recommends

Lots of good stuff to enjoy from our new business members:

  1. My Aussie Travel Guide
  2. Ezytrail Camper Trailers
  3. GIC Camper Trailers
  4. Wild Discovery Guides
To find a specific business member or to just browse what's on offer, simply go to the Members section on ExplorOz and click Find a Business.

Members' Benefit: View exclusive offers advertised by our Business Members on the Rewards Page.

National Gathering 2015

Plans are in full swing for this year's ExplorOz Members' National Gathering at Ross River Resort in the East McDonnell Ranges, NT. The recent rain has filled all the watercourses and even the Todd River has had water flowing down it, so its possible we'll still have plentiful water holes to visit. Attendees are reminded that they book with Ross River Resort to confirm their arrival and departure dates as well as confirmation of Wednesday night dinner. The dinner will be a Christmas in July theme with a high chance that Santa will be there. All attending the dinner are required to bring a wrapped gift not exceeding $15 value to contribute to the Secret Santa sharing. Please choose an appropriate gift as it may be given to a person of any age or gender, including children. Attendees will also need to bring one item per vehicle to the gathering that will be donated as a prize to the raffle draws. For registration and further details please refer to the Gathering page on ExplorOz.

Members' Photo Comp Closing Soon

Don't forget there's only 2 weeks to go to get your entries into the Photo Comp, which closes on 1st February.

The competition theme is Rustic Outback and the winning photo will be selected based on its suitability to be reproduced by an artist who will paint the image onto a saw blade (thanks to Jan's Country Art). This unique and collectible art piece will then be raffled off to raise funds for charity. The raffle prize draw will be made at the National Gathering.

Victoria State Map

This Hema map has just been released in its 9th edition. It features the whole state of Victoria at a scale of 1:850,000 with markers showing camping and rest areas, 24-hour fuel and points of interest. Published by Hema and sold in the ExplorOz online shop.

Map Scales

If you're browsing in the ExplorOz online shop and want to know how much detail is contained on a map, you can look for the SCALE shown in the grey box at the top of the product page just beside the price, which looks like this:

If you're not clear on map scale references, why not read this useful article on maps that includes a section explaining map detail and accuracy.

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