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Edition 375:  27th February 2015

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

In this issue of the ExplorOz Newsletter, we have our popular weekly segments Tip of the Week, Super Specials, Road Alerts, plus a technical blog written by one of our Members that might encourage you to try a spot of Celestial Navigation. We also launch a new feature to the Mobile site, provide a new Shop Blog to help you choose lights for the campsite, and show you how to find over 200 unbiased, in-depth articles by technical travel-writers covering all the important issues for travelling remotely in Australia.

It's a long weekend in Western Australia so please be aware that our staff will not be available on Monday 1st March to respond to emails or phone calls however order processing and dispatch of goods purchased from our online shop will continue as usual from our warehouse.

We hope this edition makes you itching to get out there and ExplorOz!
Michelle, Adele, David

Road Alerts

Are you looking for the latest track conditions and news? It's all here in the Road Alerts section. Plus, there's new information from the Dept of Defence regarding the Woomera Prohibited Defence Area.

Read more here.

Blogs now on Mobile Site

No more redirection to the full site when looking at Blogs from the Mobile site!  Find and read the most recently added blogs, view blogs by your selection of topic (tag), sort by most popular, search blogs by Member, and of course Members can even create their new blog entries!

When you're travelling, people love to see your travel pics, hear about your adventures, and read your tips and advice. So keep blogging! We love it!

See Blogs

Free Advice from the Experts

How do you get the facts without sales hype? Do you want to find ideas and advice without having to ask in the Forum or speak to a salesperson? Do you want to research how to install a dual battery system, how to use an inverter, what size solar power system do you need? What's the best solution for getting a satellite phone? What are your options for outback communication and navigation? Do you know what to look for when buying an offroad van? Are you planning your first camping trip? What tools and spares should you carry? Do you want to find Trailer Wiring Diagrams?

All these issues and more are covered in over 200 articles specifically suited to travellers like you and written by experienced Australian technical travel-writers. Just open the Article tab on the site menu. Find Articles Here

Celestial Navigation

Member's Blog Feature: Equinox

Using Celestial Navigation one can determine which way is north, south, east and west. For the beginner this will take some practice, however using various methods one will be able to determine any of these directions within seconds. This option of navigation is free, and requires only your eyes, some simple spatial reasoning and a clear sky. Read on to find out how it's done

Changing Details is Easy

If you are already logged in - just click the orange-coloured tab button located at the top of the website - My Details. It's located above the scrolling image header. In My Details you can change your password, email, address. If you are a Member, you can also change your Screen Name.

If you're not logged in, you simply login using the email address and password that is currently stored in your registered profile - even if that email address is no longer active/wrong. Once logged in you can change it if necessary.

Camp Lighting

Back in stock! The popular LED Strip Lights are back!

Whether you are looking for a portable or fixed light option, require a lighting solution for a small or large area, or need lighting that won't attract insects, the ExplorOz shop has a carefully selected range of products so that you can find the right option to suit your needs.
For a summary of the various lights sold by ExplorOz that include Strip Lights, Portable Rechargeable Lights, and Clamps see our latest blog explaining the various options.

This Weeks Super Specials


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