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Edition 384: 6th May 2015

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

This is a mega-issue ExplorOz newsletter with loads of news and useful information to help whet your appetite for adventure.

Happy Camping!
Michelle, Adele, David

Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following people who've picked up great prizes in our April contests.

Recipes: Member - Graeme S1 (VIC) posted the winning entry by random draw in the Camp Oven recipe competition last month and picks up the excellent Trailer Guides Set worth $80 as his prize!

Product Review: Member - Tom L (WA) posted the winning entry in the Shop comp by posting a review about this product and picks up a $100 gift voucher as his prize!

Spotlight on the CSR

The Canning Stock Route (CSR) is one of the most remote and isolated 4WD tracks in the world and holds it appeal as the "last frontier". Stretching about 1850km from its southern end in Wiluna, to its northern end at Billiluna Community on the Tanami Track, there are no towns or major services along the way, making this one of the most challenging winter travel adventures in Australia. Read More...

Don't Miss Out

New to the ExplorOz Shop, we have a limited number of Insect Domes available at 50% Off RRP. Don't miss out on your chance to purchase one of these excellent products as availability is strictly limited to current stock.

The sale also features some of our previously featured specials - Travel Stuff Sacks, Trekking Poles, & Powermonkey solar chargers. Read More...

Camp Cooking

The ExplorOz recipe collection is continuing to grow and we hope you are enjoying the great ideas shared by our community of expert bush cooks. This month our theme ingredient is Mince and we encourage you to share your favourite recipes to this category. Each entry submitted in the month of May will go into the random draw to win the Equip First Aid Pro 1 Kit, worth $111.

Winter is Coming

Cold nights are much more enjoyable when you're snuggled up with a good beanie so this winter make sure you get an ExplorOz beanie. This new style was released late last year and covers the ears and comes with an internal fleece lining. Just $14.95 (with discount for Members). Get it from the ExplorOz Shop.

Help Us Help You

ExplorOz is a huge operation for a very small team and today's operational costs seem to just keep getting bigger. Whilst you have the option to use the site for free, we can't operate the site for free!

When you move around our site, we would like to think that you will click on the ads that help us earn an income. You can also support us by buying the EOTopo mapset, but most of all you can show your support by buying your Annual Membership or a Lifetime Membership.


How to use Blogs when you're travelling

Did you know you don't need an internet connection to write up your daily trip journal via ExplorOz Blogs?

Blogging without Internet:- simply use your iPad, tablet or smartphone to write an email. Make the email subject the title of your blog, and delete out any automatic footer content that would normally be sent with your email, then simply type up the text of your journal. Write about just one day/place visited at a time per email. Click send on your email (send to even if you have no internet connection. Your mail program will store emails in your outbox retaining the date and order of the messages. When your phone or tablet next picks up service, the messages will be sent and they'll be received by the ExplorOz blog server that will match your incoming email address to your registered Member profile and thereby publish them as blogs to your profile page. TIP: open these blogs from the ExplorOz website at a later date once you do have internet service and can go online to make any edits or add extra photos. Simply find your blog - click Edit Blog, then to save changes click Submit.

Blogging with Internet: - log into the ExplorOz website, open the Blogs section, and click Create New Blog. You can save your work at any time without publishing - simply uncheck the Visible box (shown immediately above the Preview|Submit|Cancel buttons). Or you can submit each entry as you go. We strong advise that you don't create one long blog for an entire trip. Instead, break your story up into logical segments such as places visited or a new entry for each day of travel by creating separate blog entries. Your readers will appreciate the faster page load times and you'll have less problems trying to deal with large amounts of photos and text.

TIP: don't use the exact same name in blog titles that are part of the same trip - try an overreaching title that is common to the trip and add something meaningful to distinguish each entry, eg: Cape York - Day 1 - 4; Cape York - Day 5-10.

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