ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 39

28th January, 2003. In this issue: Launch of the Australian 4WD Search Engine, Link to ExplorOz Content, ExplorOz Does it Again, Forum Updates, OziExplorer Download for UHF Repeater Locations.
Dear ExplorOz Reader,

We've just had a sneak preview of our monthly stats for January (still another 3 days to go) and can't contain our excitement any longer - a few moments ago we had our 100,000th user on the site in this month alone. (That's an increase of over 15,000 new users this month!)

Launch of the Australian 4WD Search Engine

The Business Search Engine on ExplorOz.com has recently undergone an overhaul and is now better than ever. The improvements focus on better visibility, ease of use and the official launch of it as a web-tool that anyone can add to their site for free. Note - it does not crawl websites to gather data. URL's must be submitted to be included.

This is the new-look search bar
Add it to your website for FREE

  • This Search Bar is the prominent tool for using the Business Search Engine (it is found under the Resources menu on ExplorOz; the bottom of every Forum page; and it appears when clicking Priority + logo links from Trek Notes).

  • The Search Bar remains at the top of all pages when using the Search Engine, making refinements of search results much easier

  • Better display of listings - less clicks to access full contact information and links

  • Simplified process of adding a new listing to the Business Search Engine

  • Facility for other people to submit a new business to the Search Engine

  • Facility for the Australian 4WD Business Search Engine to appear on other websites - all pointing to the same data

The idea behind providing the Australian 4WD Search Engine as a web-tool is to simplify and coordinate the listing of web links in Australia. There is no other resource that provides this for web-users. For all webmasters, this new tool will make links page maintenance a breeze as they can have a direct link to the Australian 4WD Search Engine rendered in their own site at no cost. It's simply a matter of inserting the HTML code that we provide. More Details

NOTE - If you know of a business that supplies goods or services that are related to the readers of ExplorOz, then please enter their details by clicking on the button in the search bar

Link to ExplorOz Content

Many people ask us if they can put a link from their website to us. We are happy for you to do this from any site, whether it is commercial, private, club or whatever. However, there are some guidelines to ensure you are not breaching our Terms of Use or Copyright. Please refer to Link to Us before you setup any links.

If you wish to render content from ExplorOz directly on your site, or wish to use any of the ExplorOz content in any commercial way then you will require Corporate Membership. Check here to find out if you need an agreement.

ExplorOz does it again...

For the 3rd quarter in a row, www.ExplorOz.com has been ranked across Australian websites to be in the Top 10 of all Vehicle-Recreation websites based on site usage. 

New Adventure Shop Products

Did you know that if you become an ExplorOz Member you receive 5% from each order you place as a discount for future purchases, and its accumulative!

By popular request we've sourced this new cookbook recently published by Ron and Viv Moon.

Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook

2003 Desert Parks Passes and Renewals are now available.
Do you need one? Check our permits page for details.

For those that purchased a full pass last year, don't forget no matter where you purchased it, you can buy your renewal from ExplorOz.

New DOLA titles

Geraldton, Bunbury, Albany, Kalgoorlie-Boulder

all just $7.85 each.


New Hema titles

Victoria - East & West $7.95
Canberra and Region $5.95

Forum Updates

  • Fast Post Find: Each forum question now displays a unique post id, which you can search for by using the new Fast Post Find button on the Forum Index page.

  • The Australian 4WD Business Search Engine: is also located at the bottom of the Forum Index page.

OziExplorer download for UHF Repeater locations

Customised for OziExplorer Mapping Software users, we have provided a file online that can be download free to your computer containing the waypoints of each UHF repeater location Australia-wide, using our UHF Repeater page for the source data. All you need is OziExplorer mapping software to read it.

There is a file for each state, so simply go to the UHF Repeater page and select the state you want and then click on the download text "OziExplorer Waypoint Import Format"

So that's it for this edition of the ExplorOz User Newsletter!

The ExplorOz Team

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