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Edition 395: 13th August 2015

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August Bloomin' News

The annual wildflower display in WA will be getting into full swing from now onwards. Flowers open first in the north and progressively open towards the south of the state. Wreath flowers are on everyone’s list of wildflowers to find - but why stop there when there are literally thousands of different species to delight the senses? There are vast swathes of everlastings, heath and woodlands with an endless variety of flowering shrubs. Sharp eyes will spot tiny insectivorous plants and intricate ground orchids like this beautiful Blue Lady Orchid.

Camper's ExplorOz Merchandise Pack

Display your love of all things travel with the Camper's ExplorOz Merchandise Pack. Containing quality apparel and merchandise at a great price, & you'll save $13 off the RRP by buying these items as a pack, and you'll be supporting your favourite travel site!

Free Book with Every Purchase*

The Discovery of Australia's Interior, is perfect for ExplorOz'ers and can be yours when you buy *any title from the Boiling Billy range featured in the ExplorOz shop.

Browse the Boiling Billy Camping Guidebooks here to take advantage of this offer now.

Win with Bread, Scones & Pastries

Our recipe theme for August is Bread, Scones & Pastries. Post a recipe in Breads, Scones & Pastries section for your chance to win an Eflare EF350 Amber and compatible Black Rubber Base total valued at $45.90 courtesy of Eflare.

Every entry of a recipe into this category of the ExplorOz Online Recipe Collection during the month of August will go in the random prize draw to win.

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