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Edition 396: 20th August 2015

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Fathers' Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming up on the 6th of September, and whether you are looking for a gift for your Dad, or for some hints to send to the kids, ExplorOz has the answer. Read on for hand-picked ideas by the ExplorOz Team!

Spotlight on the Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a must-see region of the Australian outback. For some ExplorOz'ers you've probably passed through the Flinders en-route to Innamincka and beyond but why not plan a trip specifically to the Flinders Ranges. There's so much here to see and explore. Read on for our travel spotlight on the Flinders Ranges.

Sturt's Desert Pea

Following some good rain over parts of SA there have been reports of Sturt's Desert Peas in bloom around Woomera and Roxby Downs. Big carpets of these iconic scarlet blooms would be hard to miss from the road and would be well worth a stop for a closer look and a photograph or 3. The flowers of Sturt's Desert Peas are usually a brilliant red with a prominent black “boss” in the centre of each flower. However colour variations do occur – the boss can be dark red, and petal colour can vary from white through pale pinks and orange to mauve and purple tones, although these latter variations are not so common. Travellers in northern parts of WA will also be likely to see these brilliant wildflowers. Take a look at these travellers photos posted in the ExplorOz Wildflower Database. Feel free to add your own too!

Win a Redarc Tow Pro worth $340

Thanks to our Membership sponsor Redarc, we are thrilled to be only weeks away from announcing the winner of the Redarc Tow Pro. The winner of this great prize is being randomly drawn from qualifying members in our database. Qualifying members are those that have paid to renew their ExplorOz Membership between 1st June 2015 and 31st August 2015. So don't forget to renew your Membership!

Site Updates

A number of recent updates has brought improvements for ExplorOz site users. For an explanation of each, please follow the links;
  • Update to display of active tracking with marker clusters - for EOTrackMe users. See Thread 130021
  • Update to Forum & Blogs to enable EOTrackMe users to embed their tracking. Also discussed in Thread 130021
  • User Treks page - a new tab (My User Treks) appears for logged in Members allowing you to easily find the treks you've loaded. The tab does not appear if you don't have any treks.

How to Avoid your Membership Lapsing

ExplorOz Membership is an annual subscription. We understand that circumstances may change so we do not automatically re-subscribe you but we do send you a reminder notice one month before the expiry date. This reminder notice comes via email and contains an invoice should you wish to renew. This invoice is linked to your Member account and if paid before the due date you will get a discounted subscription rate of just $29.95 instead of the usual $49.95. Here's a list of ways you can keep a track of your Membership;
  • Your first reminder email is automatically generated 28 days prior to the expiry date, and then again on 14 days, 7 days and 0 days. Each email contains your renewal invoice for the discounted rate of $29.95
  • You can also find your invoice online - you must be logged in to access your My Home panel but you'll find it in the My Invoices section.
  • You can also look up your expiry date in the Account Status section in the top right of your My Home panel (must be logged in)
  • We also provide a Renewal Membership product in our shop as an alternative option. This will only work for existing Members logged in, so simply add this item to your cart and pay the shop order.
  • Renewal is automatic upon payment by PayPal or Credit Card. Admin/processing time is required for other payment methods.
  • The Membership database is linked to the invoicing system so if your Membership expires, the discounted rate is no longer valid and your invoice balance will revert to the $49.95 rate.

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