ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 4

2nd January, 2001. In this issue: New Look Site, Survey Competition, 4WD Road Tests, Tips/Facts & Quotes, Future Developments and Membership Loyalty Rewards Program.

Dear 4WD Explorer,

Hello from www.ExplorOz.com - Australia's number one 4WD travel website.

Our mailing list now numbers over 790 and is increasing at a staggering rate of 5% per month. This tells us that you really want to hear something from us...

Well, have we got news for you!

Firstly, take a look at our new look site! The previous menu navigation looked pretty but was slowing the whole site down. So now, we've put the menu at the top and arranged things in sub-menus. Also the scrolling latest news has been repositioned to appear on every page in the top right-hand window. 

Initial testing on our end shows that it is lightening fast! But, we need your feedback. We have given you the ability to compare both the old site layout and the new. In fact, there are now 3 layout versions depending on what browser/version you are running. Use the "Switch Layout" button to compare and then let us know your comments using our feedback form (now a sub-menu under the Home menu). Most importantly, does it work on your computer? Does the site run faster?

We have put in a browser detection tool so you will be presented with one of the 3 layouts that is most compatible with your browser, however for I.E users, we STONGLY RECOMMEND that you upgrade to version 5.5 Interestingly enough, the latest Netscape version 6 is not working with many websites at all. The biggest issue being the incompatibility of scripting. We are working to make www.ExplorOz.com work with NS version 6, however at present you will be presented with layout 2 - our previous navigation system by default.

Next, we are very pleased to announce a major commitment from Barrett Communications, who from now on have agreed to promotewww.ExplorOz.com by distributing our stickers and flyers in the packaging of all Australian shipments of HF radios. Please read the Accessories Feature where we feature their latest HF radio - the 900 series. This will compliment the South Australian Government's agreement to also promote www.ExplorOz.com by packaging every SA Desert Parks Pass with a www.ExplorOz.com sticker.

There are now 2000 stickers in circulation and we hope that every one of you has one on your vehicle. We have just designed a new look sticker that is clearer to read from a distance and being a circular shape will use less space on your rear window. We have 8000 of these arriving soon and every shop order will get one complimentary.

Thanks to all those who submitted an entry in our survey competition. We had 300 individual entrants, (there were lots of multiple entries) and 6 winners. The results of our survey has helped us generate a market research report to offer to potential customers. 

We are about to replace the old survey with a new one with the aim of getting more feedback about our site, its performance, features and content. Please continue to submit your feedback, whether it be good or bad - especially if its bad, so we can fix it!

As we get closer to the peak travel season, we will be re-establishing our commitment to update the Road Conditions on a weekly basis. 

We are building a new section called "4WD Road Tests" soon to be launched. Written by a leading journalist from a major 4WD magazine, we are pleased to provide you with the latest 4WD tests and reviews with pics etc.

Also, for those of you who love our Tips/Facts & Quotes we have now added a page that displays them all. Go to the search menu pull down options (new navigation). Soon we will also enable you to add your own Tips. For those of you running older browsers and getting older navigation the complete Tips/facts and Quotes is accessible via a link in the footer of each page.

Future developments will enable searching the forum by topic/keyword and a full site search by keyword facility. However these jobs require a major overhaul so please be patient.

Finally, we have finalised our Membership Loyalty Rewards Program. With one of our membership cards you can get great discounts from our advertisers (see Rewards Page). Also, with purchases of over $60 in our Adventure Shop, cardholders will be able to get free freight on their total order (Australia only). Plus, we give you one DISPLAY Trader Ad per cardholder per year (worth $15). To get a card, simply make a purchase of over $60 or buy one separately for $30 from the Adventure Shop.

Happy travel planning,
Michelle and David (and baby Leah)
mailto: info@exploroz.com

Don't forget if you're looking for something or have something to sell - put a free WANTED or FOR SALE ad in the Adventure Trader.

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