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Edition 403: 7th October 2015

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

As always, ExplorOz evolves from your input so in recent days we have made further modifications and improvements since the launch of the new responsive site and we are pleased to confirm that everything is running smoothly.

Please be advised that the following are still temporarily missing or not displaying as they should: - Captions and Ratings in Photos, Maps in Treks, Search for Treks by Map, Blogs Photo View, States & Regions Articles, Tyre Size Calculator Article, Locked Blogs cannot be unlocked except by author, Search does not include Recipes & Wildflowers. However, these should be resolved as soon as possible.

Members' File Swap

File Swap is back and the ability to add files has been reinstalled! Go to the Members area in the Menu and click to open the sub-sections. There you'll find the section for Files & Documents. This area is designed to allow ExplorOz members to exchange files and utilities. Members can add files to any existing folders. An edit icon appears to the right of any file/s you've added - click/touch to edit or delete as needed. Pretty much any file type is supported - images, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs etc. Please don't use this area for uploading video, music or any other copyrighted works. The Site Terms of Use still applies so please be mindful.

Recipes: Once again Member Brian P (SA) posted the winning entry by random draw in the Beef & Lamb competition last month and picks up an Campers Merchandise Pack valued at $42.95 as his prize! Unfortunately, due to the lack of monthly submissions that qualify for the prize draw we can no longer continue this competition.

Product Review:
Visitor - ARMIN Q posted the winning entry in the Shop comp by posting a review about the Eco Trailer Wash Ultimate DIY Wash System. He picks up a $100 gift voucher as his prize!

The Oodnadatta Track


This unique travelling guide of the Oodnadatta Track takes you on a tour with forgotten stories of early Aussie explorers and pioneers. It details the events that earned this country the reputation of being such an unforgiving land; the rail accidents, plague, suicide and even murder, just to name a few! Tragedy, determination and prosperity, yep, it's all here! Members Price: $23.75

Go to the TOP LEFT of the site to find the MENU. Click this to open the list of all the areas of the site. Sections with sub-headings have a down arrow (on the RHS). eg. Contact Us, EOTopo, Treks, Members.

Go to the TOP RIGHT of the site to find your PROFILE. Click this to open sections where you can setup/modify/view your account/profile including change your email address, view orders, manage your classifieds etc.

Use the HOME page to quickly access all NEW site content. The images in the WHAT'S NEW box feature the latest content to be added to the top 10 sections of the site. Simply click to view. These images can be swiped to quickly browse, or you can click the numbered buttons. Features: Newsletters, Shop Products, Blogs, Classifieds, Treks, Articles, Places, Wildflowers, Recipes, & Forum.

The Site Footer also has a quick links section but not all site areas are here.

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ExplorOz receives no funding or financial support to provide this public service despite the fact that we promote regional Australia and encourage local tourism. The site requires 3 staff members and has significant operating costs to manage a warehouse distribution point for our Shop; the site has Australian web-hosting; and we have our own in-house web developer that is responsive to the requests and needs of our site users. To operate ExplorOz we rely on our site users to pay for their use of the site through the voluntary Membership subscription. Once you join as a Member you will be surprised about the changes you'll see visually across the site (less ads), more features, cheaper shop prices, and free ads in the Classifieds, plus you'll have access to a wide range of additional tools and services. Membership subscription could be the key to ensuring ExplorOz is viable into the future but we have over 75,000 registered site users and only a little over 3000 of these are Members, although most of them are exceptionally happy and you can read their testimonials as reviews in the Membership Shop item to see why they like it so much. Membership is very affordable at only $49.95 for your first year and then only $29.95 to renew each year thereafter, or save yourself the hassle of annual renewals and get a Lifetime Membership. Please support a small Australian business and join up. We need you!

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