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Edition 416: 15th January 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We're starting the year off with a bang for bargain hunters with a dramatic stock clearance sale in our online shop. There's 119 product lines featuring some fantastic map, book & DVD titles, outdoor clothing, and assorted travel accessories. These items are all either old editions or will no longer be restocked in our shop so grab a bargain quick - Browse the Entire Sale Here.

Absolutely all stock must go - nothing is over $20! The sale features 19 products in the Travel category (nothing over $20), and 100 products for only $10 in the Sport category. You won't find them cheaper elsewhere - we've deliberately dropped the price well below cost to clear stock out fast.


EDIT: Forum users will be interested to know that we have just installed an Edit feature, however it has some conditions. For an explanation, please read this post.

AUTO EXPAND DEFAULT OPTIONS: Also in the Forum, you can now set your own default for how you'd like the Auto Expand feature to show responses within the thread view. To view/change the defaults for Auto Expand go to the Forum Index page - click to open the Search & Options panel, and then you'll see Auto Expand with 3 options - simply click the option that you wish to use: Off, Un-read or All. Since the new site layout, the posts have been defaulted to the Off view, meaning you had to click to open each one, or use the Unread/Expand All button. Now, you can set your own default preference and all posts will appear according to the settings you choose.

GO TO TOP: The site now features an arrow icon that automatically appears as you scroll down the page. It always appears in the bottom RHS of the browser window when you move 300 pixels from the top of the screen. Pressing the arrow button will take you back to the top of the page. The colour of the button may change as it was done in a rush this week but it should be self-explanatory.

RE-SORT DISPLAY ORDER OF IMAGES: Within places you now have the ability to change the order in which images appear on a Place page, so there is now a way to move them around. Please ensure that images are arranged in the most suitable order with the most accurate representation of the place shown as image 1.



If you're keen to explore the Queensland coast, ExplorOz has free Trek Notes you can read online; Camping & 4WD Guidebooks you can purchase from our shop, plus travel DVDs & Fishing resources. In this week's travel spotlight on the Queensland Coast we combine links to all these useful resources to make your trip planning a breeze. SEE QUEENSLAND COAST TRAVEL FEATURE BLOG.


The winner is Member - Rodney S2, who purchased Lifetime Membership during December. He has picked up a copy of the Camping Guide to Australia (spiral bound), worth $60. We hope you enjoy it!

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