ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 42

26th March, 2003. In this issue: Left Margin - Site and Page Usage Statistics, What do these statistics mean?, Australian 4WD and Tourism Industries, Road Conditions and Adventure Shop Videos.
Dear ExplorOz Reader,

With the many new improvements and features available to our three levels of site users - Visitors, Members and Customers, we are experiencing quite astonishing statistics on our webserver.

Left Margin - Site and Page Usage Statistics

The box titled Current Users tallies the number of live users across the different user profiles - Visitors (that's people who have validated their email address with our system), Members, Customers (that's advertisers) and Anon(ymous) - people using the site without an interactive profile (are not validated). From our analysis the total number of site users is frequently running at 300 people at any given moment, which equates to about 4000 users per day.

Further down the margin is another box that is totally new - this shows actual Page Statistics for whatever page you are viewing. Very useful for comparing and analysing the most popular parts of the site and provided to the public/potential advertisers to view the actual page stats.

What do these statistics mean?

These statistics show how much traffic we get on ExplorOz. In fact, we transfer 9gB of data per week. This data has a very real cost.

Show your support of this service to the Australian 4WD and Tourism Industries

If more Visitors and Anonymous site users were to pay for Membership and more businesses were to use the medium for Advertising then our costs could be recovered. However, this isn't happening at a viable level. Basically, everyone wants something for nothing and ExplorOz is a self-funding service.

For over 3 years now, the ExplorOz website has provided extensive services to the 4WD and Tourism industries at below costs, however without the immediate volume or cost increase it will not continue to operate.

Cost increases - Not an April Fool's Joke!

Effective 1st April, the cost of Membership and Advertising on ExplorOz will increase. However, anyone with existing campaigns and membership will not be affected. This also means that any new membership or advertising purchased between now and April 1 will be at the current rate. 

However, fees are going up to $50 for the annual membership, with the award qualification (complimentary) given for shop order values over $150. The renewal fee is going up to $30/yr.

Remember, you still have 5 more days to purchase a 12mth membership at the current rate of $30.

Road Conditions

Click to read Australia's only online Nation-wide unsealed road conditions report

Road Conditions continue to be a free service - this is the only unsealed road report Australia-wide. Reports are re-published a couple of times per week.

Adventure Shop

We continue to increase our range and provide a top quality service for our mail order shipments. We have now added a new "department" to our store, with the addition of 3 new VIDEO titles.

Video: Get Into 4WD
Is basically a training video and covers Driver Tips, Recovery Procedures and Accessories. Features one of Sydney's most well known and respected Driver Trainers, Vic Widman. Would be very useful for someone planning to see what skills are required in real situations and would make an ideal gift.


Videos: Big Red to the Beach and 2002 Tuff Truck Challenge
Both titles come from the the publishers of the the 4WD Monthly Magazine. The Big Red video was filmed during a Simpson Desert trip from Sydney and includes footage of Big Red, Fraser Island, bush characters and some handy hints. The Tuff Truck Challenge is footage of a hard-core off-road event.

$34.95 each

So that's it for this edition of the ExplorOz User Newsletter!

The ExplorOz Team

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