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Edition 424: 11th March 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

ExplorOz has been operating since early 2000 and as such has accumulated a massive library of Articles covering 696 topics. These are grouped into 12 sections, which is then grouped into sub-categories making it very easy to quickly find the information you're after.


The Australiana section contains 40 articles covering Australian History, Australian Identity, Nature, Regions, States

Boating & Fishing

The Boating & Fishing section contains 45 articles covering Boating Regulations, Fish Species, Fishing Regulations, Types of Boats, Types of Fishing, Where to Fish by State

Caravans & Camper Trailers

The Caravans & Camper Trailers section contains 15 articles covering Buyers Guide, Hiring, The RV Lifestyle, Theft Deterrents & Insurance, Towing Essentials


The Communications section contains 8 articles covering Outback Communications, Satellite Phones & Devices, Staying in Touch


The ExplorOz section contains 13 articles covering Advertising with Us, Contact, Current Users, Forum Rules & Moderation, Stats & Legal


The Membership section contains 7 articles covering Business, EOTrackMe, Member List, Personal, Trips & Gatherings, Utilities


The Navigation section contains 15 articles covering Devices, EOTopo, Finding & Using Maps, Tools, Tracking


The Newsletter section contains 459 articles - all of the newsletters we've ever published. Despite all the site changes, you can still access all the documents however some images and links are not maintained so there may be missing content or broken links to external sites. Contains all newsletters sent to all user-groups being Business, All Site User, and Member.

On the Road

The On the Road section contains 34 articles covering Camping, Camping Gear, Cooking, Driving, Employment, Health & Wellbeing, Pets & Family, Photography, Prospecting, and Safety.

Power & Electrics

The Power & Electrics section contains 6 articles covering Batteries, Generators, Inverters, Mains Power, Solar Panels

Trip Planning

The Trip Planning section contains 22 articles covering Booking a Tour, Food & Water Storage, Hiking, Packing & Storage, Permits & Restrictions, Where to Go & When, Working Holidays


The Vehicles section contains 32 articles covering 4WD Recovery Gear, Accessories, Buying a 4WD, Care & Servicing, Engine Performance, Hiring a Vehicle, Motorhomes, Setting up a 4WD, and Tyres. NEW ARTICLE ADDED TODAY - "AWD VS 4WD".

As you can see, this a very comprehensive library of articles. Periodically, new articles are published into these sections and we often go back and revise and update each article as things change over time to keep the information current. Articles are written in-house, or by expert guest writers, and are intended to guide both newcomers and enthusiasts on the subject without sales hype. In addition, public discussion via related Forum Posts are tagged to each article, making this part of the site highly interactive and informative.

If you haven't read all our articles - click any of the section links above or go to the main Articles index and start browsing.


In addition to our own articles, keep your eye out for some fantastic new car reviews provided by CarAdvice. The reviews are available from image links you'll see towards the bottom of the Forum, and articles in the Vehicle section. When you click the images the review will open in a new browser tab so you'll still have the ExplorOz page accessible so you won't lose your place.


Are your camp chairs looking worn? Not comfortable? Not packing well? Now's the time to upgrade to a comfortable, lightweight and durable new chair for a great price. The Roman BBQ Deluxe Chair with inbuilt table and insulated drinks holder is available for only $65 for members (regular RRP $99.95). Not a Member? Add Membership to your cart, and you'll be receiving $149.90 value (chair and annual membership) for only $114.95. You'll then gain access to all Member's discounts/special offers available in the ExplorOz Shop. This offer applies to a very limited amount of stock, so get in quick to secure your chair at this great price - place your order now! Camp Chair Deal


Business Member - Redarc

REDARC’s new range of Pure Sine Wave Inverters allow you to get the type of 240V power required to run domestic appliances anywhere in Australia. Sensitive electrical devices will run smoother, last longer and produce less heat and noise. Not only is the range now slimmer and lighter, they also have a wider input voltage for both 12V and 24V models. REDARC inverters are available in 6 models; 350W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W. Choose a 350W to run devices like laptops and phone chargers, right up to 3000W to run power tools, heaters, kettles and more. For more information visit our website


Are you a business owner, marketing manager or media agency? is the most influential medium in the 4WD/Camping/Australian Tourism Sector. We can show you how easy it is to make integrated/content based online marketing and advertising work within this market. You might be surprised just how affordable and easy it is. For more details contact us to request our new 2016 Advertising Kit.


Series 7 DVD Box Set
Series 7 DVD Box Set
Series 8 DVD Box Set
Series 8 DVD Box Set


Members renewing/joining this year will soon be receiving a NEW Member-only bumper sticker, as shown below. These stickers will now be issued in place of a Membership Card and if displayed on your vehicle will distinguish you as a Member. The standard sticker will still be available via the shop, but the Membership sticker is exclusive to subscribers only and includes your Membership status (year or Lifetime). Unfortunately, there have been unexpected delays in mailing these out to this year's new/renewing Members but these will soon be packaged and sent by mail and should be within you by the end of the month. We hope you like this change! Don't forget to renew and go in the draw to win the Redarc prize!

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Lifetime Membership
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