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Edition 430: 22nd April 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader

Did you know that as a registered site user you can look up your order history, profile status (Visitor/Member), Membership expiry date, and make changes to your mailing address, email address, password and other information?


As a registered site user, you can Sign In to via a combination of your email address and password. Once logged in, you will see the word PROFILE in the top right corner of the site. Click PROFILE and a drop down panel will appear.

Site Visitors have 2 sections in their Profile drop-down panel as shown above. Members have 4 sections. For both Visitors & Members the first two sections are where you can view your account status and make changes. Whether you are a Member or not, your account is private. These details are for administrative purposes and to customise the site to your needs.

Click your Screen Name to open your account panel. Depending on the screen size of your device it will look somewhat like the image below, and allow you to open current or past orders, invoices and classified ads you have placed on the site. You can view your account status and toggle (on/off) emails that you can subscribe to from ExplorOz (Newsletter, Forum Responses, Forum Thanks, Member Messages). There is also a section showing site updates since your last logged in session and could be rather useful.


The second option in your profile is EDIT ACCOUNT. Click this area to make changes to your stored account details such as email address, phone, mailing address, or login password.

NOTE: if you know your account is out of date (invalid email address) you will still need to access your account by logging in with the old email - at this level it is just like a password and it doesn't matter if the account is actually closed.


When you first register your account, you will receive an auto-generated password that is very secure. It may contain a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. This password must be entered exactly as provided (case sensitive) to access your account - you can then change it to something easier to remember/type.


As we head into the ANZAC long-weekend... please view the sticky post in the ExplorOz Forum "Let's Pause to Remember", and feel welcome to post your comments into our article "The ANZAC Legacy" which contains a brief summary of How & Why Australia Joined WW1, The ANZAC Story, WW11 & Beyond, plus some Poems, Hymns and Video Clips submitted by our audience over the past 4 years. Your input is welcome. Lest We Forget.


Due to the feedback and requests from our Members, we have now just added a facility for you to purchase "extra" stickers if you desire more than the 1 you receive with your Membership subscription. Based on your logged on status, and the type of Membership you have, you can go into the Shop - ExplorOz Branded Gear - Stickers and you'll find the applicable Replacement sticker available to add to your cart to be mailed directly to you for a cost of only $2, plus $3.95 postage/handling. (Non-members cannot access these items in the shop).

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