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Edition 439: 15th July, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

Did you know that on our website you can access a highly detailed FREE MAP of Australia that is ideal for 4WD and outback trip planning?

EOTopo online is a "vector-viewing" mapping environment that provides seamless zooming extracting maps at scales of 1:70,000,000 (70 Million) down to 1:144,000 (144K).

Don't forget to use the tool bar in the map panel to open the map in full-screen mode - allowing you the maximum use of your computer screen to display the map.
NOTE 1 : If you have previously bought EOTopo maps on SD/USB/Download then you've got a raster map extraction directly from this map source at a scale of 200K (1:200,000). Both our 200K raster map set and the EOTopo online mapset also show icons to indicate the position of Free Camps & Rest Areas, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds, Place Names, and Point of Interest POIs.

NOTE 2 : you can now also download the full EOTopo seamless scale mapset (scales from 70 Million to 144K) to your Android phone, tablet iPad or iPhone through our new ExplorOz Traveller App. This full range of EOTopo seamless maps is accessible to all app users when online. The full set of EOTopo maps can also be accessed offline if you have downloaded the Premium Offline Map Pack.

NOTE 3 : An additional feature of the maps in the Traveller App is that all Place Types are shown on the map and are active hotspots - meaning each waypoint can be clicked to view more information (includes crowd-sourced photos & comments) or be used as a navigation waypoint (GoTo).


Markdowns of between 25-50% are now on across a huge range of products in the ExplorOz shop. Here's our best picks but click here to view the full range on sale

Highways & Backroads WA QPA
Hwys & Backroads WA
Gasmate Gas Gauge & 22kg scales
Gas Gauge & 22kg Scales
Make Trax ACross the Top
Make Trax Across the Top
Spectrum V50 LED Lights
Spectrum V50 LED Lights
The Big Lap DVD Series
The Big Lap DVD Series
Go Fresh Water Straw
Go Fresh Water Straw

Outback Travellers Guides

The Outback Travellers Track Guides offer a unique view of the roads and tracks throughout the Australian Outback. All of their map guides have an emphasis on 'safety' for 4 wheel drivers by indicating the location of grids, gates, floodways, creeks & rivers, crests, dips, markers, sharp bends, claypans, sand dunes, bridges through to bulldust holes and more. They use photographs to visually support specific features along the tracks, including GPS Co-ordinates and distances throughout. Both designated and bush camp sites are indicated along with geographical and historical locations, contact details, preparation and permit information. A total package for the outback traveller from 'first hand' experience, titles are available for 28 destinations. Buy Yours Now from ExplorOz


In the stores, V1.8.15 is our latest release. In this release we have added 4 new features being;
  • Places and Treks list views now support swipe left to enable goto/delete actions
  • Treks goto now asks direction of travel allowing planning in any direction
  • iPad/iPhone added support for multi screen/multi tasking operation
  • Added onHeartbeat 120sec position recording for extended still monitoring in Track Logging
Fixes Installed:
  • Corrected snail trail truncation wrong
  • Place photo click/touch opens first image
  • Update to GPS driver launch sequence to eliminate possible timing clash
Play Store available 5:00PM AEST 12 July 2016
Apple App Store available 11:00AM AEST 13 July 2016.


TIP 1: If you're using Track Logging, please note that by default your tracking is set with a privacy setting so no one else can view your tracking unless you enable this. To change your privacy settings, go to the ExplorOz website and log into your profile. View your public profile page and click on your device listed on the page - here you can disable the security key if desired, or obtain the link to send to a select group of family/friends (note you will also need to send them the password). If you disable your privacy settings your tracking will appear on the group Member Tracking page (although all personal details are still hidden - the only identity given is your ExplorOz Screen Name) and Geofence security areas remain active.

TIP 3: We are very pleased to hear so many positive comments from app users but would encourage you to post reviews into the respective app store where you purchased the app. This is the only way our app is ranked in the category. We'd love to see more reviews please!


Our core services to the public are designed for Members-Only, which means we have reserved the best for those that purchase a subscription and become "Members".

Members receive all 7 of the following entitlements:

1. Free tracking via EOTrackMe and ExplorOz Traveller
2. Discounts off all items 24/7 (up to 10%) in the Shop
3. Free GPS file downloads (all ExplorOz Treks, and all Places)
4. Classified Display ads for free (save $20 each time)
5. Exclusive Member site tools
6. Exclusive Member content
7. Exclusive Member (or Life Member) sticker to put on your vehicle plus "Your Guide to Membership" brochure.

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