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Edition 448: 22nd September, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We hope you enjoy this week's edition of the ExplorOz newsletter. Please note that our office in Western Australia will be closed on Monday for the Queen's Birthday long weekend (which is not observed earlier in the year due to it falling on the same day as WA Day). This does not affect shop orders paid online as order despatch is handled in our South Australian warehouse.


The 2017 ExplorOz Calendar is now available for pre-order from the ExplorOz online shop. The calendar is currently with the printer with stock arriving at our warehouse in two weeks. Any orders placed now will secure your calendar before stock runs out as we have only a very limited number of these in production. Pre-orders are expected to be delivered to customers by mid-October. All the calendars will sell out well before Christmas. Single item price $19.95 (less with Member discount), or save 10% when you buy the 5-pack - that's Christmas sorted!


We have a number of useful cooking resources on ExplorOz, starting with this practical article on Camping Cooking that is good for those just starting out, and the Food & Water Storage article, which includes all you need to know about using cryovac meats.

You also have access to the ExplorOz Recipe Database on our website, with over 100 free recipes submitted by the public ExplorOz community. We are still hoping to see this expand with more of your contributions so get onto that!

In our online shop, we also have a range of cooking equipment, selected by the ExplorOz Team for quality and suitability to cooking in the bush. Our online shop is open 24/7 with quick order dispatch and delivery. Here's a selection from the Cooking range:-

Bush BBQ with Windshield
Bush BBQ with Windshield
Campfire Vacuum Sealer
Campfire Vacuum Sealer
Camping Stove Windscreen
Camping Stove Windscreen

Australian Bush & Camp Oven Cooking Pack
Australian Bush & Camp Oven Cooking Pack
Viv Moons Cookbook Pack
Viv Moons Cookbook Pack
Compact Espresso Maker
Compact Espresso Maker




With our latest app update hitting the app stores yesterday, the most current release is version v.1.10.2 (on both iOS and Android). The major update in v.1.10.2 is the addition of an option to allow you to change the direction of travel shown in the map views, so that now you can select to show the map as either:- North Up, or Direction of Travel Up. We've also update the in-app Help files to include instructions and tips for obtaining and using the Offline Comments.

Latest App Reviews (v.1.10.0)

David Darch (5 Stars) September 5, 2016
Great program with very clear premium maps. It replaces TrackRanger and Memory Maps (with AUS TOPO maps and Western maps). I once considered them to be ideal for my exploration of Australia but ExplorOz Traveller is many times better and easier to use. I wish I had it when I did 5 months up the Queensland coast and across the Savanah Way last year and Western Queensland and down the centre this year. Being able to store maps on SD1 had teething problems on my Lenovo Tab but is now working well and is a big improvement.

Captain Kerry (5 Stars) September 4, 2016
Amazing and Innovative mapping app - This will be the future of mapping. Self refining and self updating this will become Australia's most comprehensive and detailed map (if it already isn't). Can't wait to see what the future holds for this app. Everybody needs it.

Frank P (5 Stars) 26 August, 2016
Installed v1.10.0 last night and downloaded the maps again, this time to the SD card, so retrieved some internal memory. Very nice. On my recent trip just completed I had v1.9.x installed. On my Android tablet with Android 5.0.2 it didn't track properly :-( But as discussed elsewhere, the team has been working on that and v1.10.0 has fixed it. I just did two test drives, ...The whole track was properly uploaded to my treks....I was then able to watch the update occurring in real time. Very cool.


ExplorOz manages a massive amount of quality web-content, whether it be the ExplorOz Articles (over 700 articles covering Boating and Fishing, Caravans & Camper Trailers, Communications, Navigation, Power & Electrics, Vehicles, Trip Planning, and On the Road topics), or in Places (over 80,000 POIs), or in the 182 Treks.

These areas of content are the core of the ExplorOz resources and our job is to attempt to maintain it for you so that it's always up-to-date, relevant and accurate but there is of course an update cycle and things can change before we get a chance to action it. If you stumble across anything you know is out of date, has omissions, or you find an error - even just a small typo, then please alert us and supply as much information as you can to help us fix it quickly.


Over the years, ExplorOz has become recognised as the most influential and respected resource for the touring community of adventurous travellers, whether they be remote 4x4 explorers, families in camper trailers or grey nomads in caravans.

As a bespoke software development company, we've taken the tech approach in how we meet the needs of today's traveller and rather than change our core products and services, we've just refined them and made them better, and more accessible.

Our primary business as a digital publisher of maps and campsite POIs, together with asset tracking services has allowed us to develop and produce the ExplorOz Traveller App completely in-house. This app bundles all the ExplorOz resources in an affordable and easy-to-use, all-in-one app that works exactly how you want, when you want - off the grid! Of course, it's equally as useful when you've got the internet connected.

The ExplorOz Traveller App is all about making all our services and products work together in the simplest way for the ExplorOz Community so it can be used beyond the desktop into the real-world where it is needed most. Forget all the complicated way it used to be - the app makes it all so easy so you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

See our Traveller App page on the website for further details and find out how to get it on your mobile, tablet or iPad.

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