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Edition 449: 30th September, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We know you're all probably talking about the weather! No matter where you are in Australia right now conditions are certainly somewhat unusual so this is a good time to be flexible with your travel plans and ensure everyone in your travel party is prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes that can be as simple as having an open mind to change the itinerary - but there are times when you can get caught out and serious consequences can be the result of hasty decisions.

In this week's edition we talk about the very serious issue of when things go wrong in the bush. Staying alive shouldn't be a matter of luck - it should be about knowledge. So take a moment to thoroughly read this very detailed article and consider for a moment how prepared you are for the unexpected...


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Sometimes we take for granted that nothing will go wrong. Your vehicle is reliable; you carry a spare tyre; you have a well-stocked fridge; a mobile phone and a first aid kit. You're not travelling solo so someone will help out if things get out of hand... or will they? Take a read of this article and see if you want to rethink your confidence to stay alive if you get stranded.

Becoming stranded is one of the most common ways people die in the bush. How they become stranded varies and is usually not from a major incident but something simple and innocuous. The fatality often occurs due to a multitude of mistakes that occur when poor decisions are made in a stressful situation. That's when the harshness of the Australia outback becomes the critical factor.

This stuff can, and does happen to people in ways we never anticipate. We must all ensure we don't assume it won't happen and instead consider how would you keep yourself alive whilst raising the alarm and allowing yourself to be found as easily & quickly as possible?

Read the ExplorOz article: Outback Survival


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Outback Survival
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Bob Cooper Survival Kit
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Outback Safety And Survival Kit Manual

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Our new app is gaining wide popularity for its simplicity and intuitive design. You told us that setting up tracking, and downloading mapping, places, and treks was getting too complicated and we listened and we fixed that for you. Now you don't need any 3rd party software to download all the ExplorOz resources to your mobile devices. It's accessible through the app. What's more, since its initial release in June, we've continued to improve the app's usability with small changes and additions. Just like our website evolved from the input of the ExplorOz community, so too is the ExplorOz Traveller App benefiting from the fact that we are the app developers, meaning instant response and uptake of those great ideas you have. That means our app will always keep up with the latest trends and ideas, so continue to tell us what you want and we'll try to make it happen. Most products and apps are created in a vacuum, driven by what seems feasible rather than what is needed by customers. At ExplorOz we are travellers, and developers but more than that, we give our customers a voice and we listen.

You can visit the following to join the app discussion. On our website:- ExplorOz Traveller App Feedback & FAQ, or on Facebook:- ExplorOz Traveller Facebook Group

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