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Edition 452: 21st October, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

ExplorOz Trek Notes have always been at the core of ExplorOz's content and continue to assist travellers planning adventurous travel in Australia. This information is readily available via both our website and the ExplorOz Traveller App for Android and iPhone/iPad . A new development to the App make these even easier to find/use for navigation (see feature below to find out more).

This week we are also very happy to announce that you can use our Treks content to enrich your own website, using a new Embed Tool found underneath the Map display on any Trek Note. These maps can be embedded to any website that supports iframe HTML and are an excellent way to showcase your trip plans, or amenities in your surrounding area (if displaying on a business website). If you are a business and have found a Trek Note relevant to you, but aren't shown on the list of waypoints, please contact us so that we can assist you with adding your location to the Trek.




Keeping devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and GPS units charged when you are camped for several days has become easy with these Powertraveller products, available for a limited time at an awesome price!
 Powermonkey Extreme - 12V Solar Charger (Black)
Powermonkey Extreme - 12V Solar Charger (Black)
Solarmonkey Adventurer - Solar Charger
Solarmonkey Adventurer - Solar Charger


For a very limited time, you can get the Jetboil Flash Java Edition from the ExplorOz online shop for only $175.96 - that's $43.99 off RRP! Stock is sourced from the official Australian Jetboil distributor and is due for dispatch to you next week, so order your Jetboil Flash Cooking System now to secure this great deal!

Find Your Perfect Fit with Roadstar

Business Member - Roadstar Caravans

Roadstar Caravans have been designed with versatility, ergonomics and functionality front of mind. Each of our designs reflects the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail we are known for. We have caravans built for any type of travel, including the Little Rippa Adventurer & Safari Tamer – adventurous full off-road caravans built to tackle Australia’s toughest terrain.

Our caravans feature unique and spacious floor plans that redefine tradition, complimented by quality lightweight furniture upholstered in premium leather and Annahide. Bench tops and cabinetry reflect modern colour schemes in a range of Italian acrylics exclusive to Roadstar.

Produced to ensure each piece fits perfectly, your Roadstar will be created by experienced professionals who love what they do. View Our Range Here.


A new version has just been added to the stores featuring some new inclusions requested by our users. Version 1.11.2 now has an option on the Home Screen to view Treks by a Map - this gives you the ability to easily see the route lines & their corresponding Trek name on the map. We've included a Speed & Heading display to the maps - controlled in Settings to show/hide. Plus, the Snail Trail has been recalculated to increase accuracy.

Please direct your app questions to our Facebook Community Page, or our Feedback & FAQ Page on ExplorOz.

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