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Edition 454: 3rd November, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We are reorganising our retail shop so we can bring you better deals! Whilst we will still carry the ExplorOz branded gear and all our best-selling products, other items in our range will only be available periodically when we can offer you a great bargain. These will take the form of limited-time pre-order deals. Deals will be announced via our newsletter and in the Shop News Blogs on the website (Shop Home Page), so make sure you check each newsletter/the shop homepage to find what you need. These products will only be sold on a pre-order arrangement, which are then filled and delivered to customers at the advertised date.

This means that now's the time to stock up on some massive bargains that you won't find elsewhere. Our Clearance Sale currently features 90 items - these products are going to be removed from the standard product list in the ExplorOz shop, so act fast to secure your order.

This week's top picks from the Clearance Sale

The Plenty and Sandover Highways
The Plenty and Sandover Highways
Western Australia State Map
Western Australia State Map
Wonnangatta Adventure Map
Wonnangatta Adventure Map

Sydney Adventures 4WD CD
Sydney Adventures 4WD CD
Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide
Great Desert Tracks Atlas & Guide
Travelling the Outback
Travelling the Outback




The "What's New" box on the our site Home Page (as pictured above) is your best way to quickly scan and access all the latest content on the site. ExplorOz content changes rapidly with public submissions of fantastic updates and photos to Places, Blogs, and of course Comments added to Articles, new ads for gear for sale from other travellers in the Classifieds, and much more.

To quickly browse What's New, just swipe the pictures or click the numbers below the pics to toggle through all 10 items. On a small screen such as a mobile phone you'll only see 1 item so swipe or click to see more. On a wider screen you'll see up to 3 items as shown above.

Icons in the right corner of each image show you which part of the site the content appears in - clicking these icons will take you to that section of the site, but clicking the picture will take you directly to the main story. Our latest newsletter is always the first item, followed by the newest item added to our Shop, then the newest Blog post, the newest Classified ad, followed by the most recently updated Trek, then the most recently updated Article, the newest Place, the newest Wildflower, newest Recipe, and newest Forum post.

So bookmark the ExplorOz Home Page and use the What's New box to ensure you don't miss a thing!



ExplorOz Traveller is exclusively sold by the Apple App Store or Google Playstore. We provide links in our newsletter and on the website to ensure you don't need to search for it.

Note - if you are using the website or reading email using a PC or notebook computer, then the page will prompt you to enter your mobile phone number so that the link can be sent to you via SMS. (eg. the link at the top of the website). However, if the device you have does not have SMS capability (eg. a Wifi only tablet or iPad), just search for the app in the relevant store - search for "ExplorOz Traveller".


Once you have purchased the app, you will be prompted to login - use the same email address/password that you use to login to your profile on the ExplorOz website. If you have a problem, enter your email address into the login field and click on "Forgot Password" - this will not reset your password, it will simply send the password to you via email.

By using the same login for the app as you do on the website, the app will sync with your ExplorOz account and validate any entitlements you have have (free Track Logging for Members; free Premium Maps Pack for EOTopo owners).


If you haven't previously purchased EOTopo200K raster mapset, we recommend that you purchase the Premium Maps in-app. We make this recommendation for a number of reasons:

  • Buying maps in-app is cheaper than the EOTopo200K raster mapset ($49.99 vs $89.99/$99.99)
  • You still need to download the maps in the app anyway using the Data Manager in the app. The recognition of past purchase of EOTopo200K is a goodwill transfer of license to the app version only. The actual ECW, OZF4 and other files formats are not able to be used with the app.
  • The base offline EOTopo map is not designed to offer detailed mapping but is necessary to ensure you can operate the app offline when you first download it. For some users this may be sufficient, especially as you can access the detailed EOTopo maps using your internet connection, and/or the detailed Streets & Paths maps for your suburban use. However for regional touring and outback travel where you might want more detail than the base map, or don't have the ability to use your device online, or wish to save on data costs, you will need the additional zoom levels of EOTopo offline that are only available by downloading the maps in the Premium Map Pack.

So, once you have purchased the app and the in-app purchases if required, you'll be able to access the maps & other content (Places, Treks, Comments) to download to your device.


If you have problems with your purchase this needs to be handled with the app store as we don't handle the purchase and have no access to your transactions.

If you have queries with using the app or need assistance, please direct these to our Facebook Community Page. Please check that you've also read the Help & Instructions manual located at the bottom of the Home Screen in the app.

If you encounter any unexpected difficulties or wish to make a suggestion or log a report, please post these to our Feedback & FAQ Page on ExplorOz.


Right now we have two special package offers from Gerber. Hurry last days! These are great deals if you are looking for a knife/tool upgrade for your outdoor gear, and are equally an excellent Christmas gift idea. We are now taking pre-orders with stock orders to be fulfilled by the 7/11.

Vital Folder Knife With Bonus Vital Zip
Vital Folder Knife With Bonus Vital Zip
Suspension & Mini Paraframe Combo With Tin
Suspension & Mini Paraframe Combo With Tin

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