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Edition 455: 18th November, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

As many of you will know, the ExplorOz website was unavailable for the last 2 days, but we can confirm that it is back up and running again. The issue was caused from a problem in the handling of our request to move the DNS server and once the problem occurred, it was out of our hands and became a "wait for Telstra" situation. The issue was further compounded because each ISP handles DNS look up in a different way and for some people the site came up earlier than for others, due to caching. This all came about because we moved our site and page url structures to the https:// protocol but we have redirections installed so your old bookmarks should still work once the cache has cleared. Caching can be with your ISP or your browser, and will sort itself out eventually, but if you still can't see the site despite our assurances that it's up, you should be able to go directly to the ExplorOz home page and then refresh your bookmarks. All pages are now https://

So without further ado - what follows below is the newsletter.

Thanks - the ExplorOz Team
(PS: We need a holiday!)

This week we've made a few changes behind the scenes to simplify the password protocols for user accounts, which has resulted in an improved login system. These changes were made to remove the need for you to contact a support person to recover your account and now it's automatic so you won't even notice when a glitch happens as it will resolve itself for you. Magic! 

We also added a small icon to the password field in the login section. If you click the "eye icon" next to the box where you type in your password, you will be able to see the password as you type it, instead of just the dots. Hurray!


The ExplorOz Classifieds continue to be one of the best deals around if you're looking to offload your unwanted gear, vehicles, vans, or even place a Wanted to Buy ad. You can choose how to sell your gear - with a free text only ad, or pay for one of two options to include photos to give your ad better visibility.

Ads with photos (Display & Premium) are promoted on the Classified Home Page, and at the top of each relevant Section. That's where you need to be if you want your ad to be seen.

The ExplorOz Classifieds are very good value. Display Ads can remain for up to 4 months (or until you flag it as sold). Premium Ads can remain for up to 6 months. 

Take a look - load up your ads and photos and get the price right. Next week we'll bring you some tips on how to write a Classifieds Ad to improve your sales results.



More products have just been shifted to the Clearance Sale. Everything in the Clearance range is discounted from between 25% up to a whopping 60% off - you won't find a better deal. Take a look, but act quickly - these deals are ONLY on current stock.


The rescueMT PLB1 - the world's smallest Personal Locator Beacon, is now available for Pre-Order from the ExplorOz Shop for only $340, that's $59 off RRP. This offer is ONLY available until 21/11/16 and closes at 8pm AEDST so place your order now to secure your PLB at this amazing price. 

rescueME PLB1




If you're a Member, you have exclusive access to view the Reward Offers from our Business Members. See the latest Member Reward offers here.

Don't forget that there's only 12 days left to extend/renew your Membership subscription if you wish to be in the draw to win a Redarc 700w Pure Sine Wave Inverter worth $895. This prize is donated from our Membership Sponsor, Redarc Electronics.

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Has a weekend trip away ever taken you to an area with no phone or internet coverage, only to find that your standard GPS or Navigation App doesn’t have any relevant maps? Or have you spotted a road turn-off not shown on your GPS and wondered where it would take you? A large proportion of Australia, including unsealed and “4WD” tracks, are not covered in detail by mainstream navigation tools, and that’s where ExplorOz has always excelled. In 16 years of operation we have made it our business to cover the “niche” market of travellers who want to find the best locations this country has to offer, and share this information with other like-minded adventurers. Well before the 4WD or SUV became the vehicle of choice for families, ExplorOz has been compiling information on where these vehicles can take you and what you need to know to get there.

The ExplorOz Traveller App could be the best investment any Australian makes to their vehicle, offering crucial trip planning and navigation tools, guaranteeing that wherever you are, you’ll have the information you need on-hand. Adding to this, ExplorOz have been actively adapting this app to consistently meet the needs of its users. Since its initial release just 5 months ago, the ExplorOz Traveller App has already had 15 version updates, which represents a new version every 10 days.
ExplorOz Traveller - go there with confidence!

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