ExplorOz General Newsletter 465

Edition 465 10th May, 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

We've changed the link to our EOFY sale so please check back to find even more products than we listed previously. View the full sale range of 114 items here

Most items only have 1 or 2 units remaining in stock so be quick as with up to 55% off everything is selling out faster than pies at the footy!

ExplorOz Branded Gear

Did you know we have a large range of ExplorOz Branded Gear? Quality is good and prices are cheap so check out these deals:

Unisex Polo Shirt
Sizes XS & 2XL ONLY
Unisex Polo Shirt
Sizes S, L, & 5XL ONLY
Cheap 16GB USB

Spare Wheel Rubbish Bag
From $98.90
Members PhotoComp Calendar
Now just $5.99
From $14.20

ExplorOz - still the best source of up to date travel info

Gone are the days of complicated trip planning - all you need is already stored in the ExplorOz Traveller app and best of all you can keep the content updated simply by pressing a button. Not only do we collect updates through our online audience, updates are also collected through the app from real people out on the track. The app has made it easier for people to share and interact so it's time you got into it and found out just how much easier it is with the Traveller app. The app doesn't need internet service to save your photos or comments, or to use the maps, so it's perfect for our adventurous travellers that explore offline. 

To see the new content coming in - keep an eye on the Latest Updates panel on the Places home page on our website

Tracking - EOTrackMe vs Traveller

ExplorOz offers vehicle tracking services to the public and best of all you don't need to fork out to buy a specific device - you just use your existing phone, tablet or iPad. 

Tracking is available for:

The software that tracks, logs, and sends your position data is different between these two options however both will send data to the EOTrackMe server and you'll end up with your own personal tracking page on the ExplorOz website.

Where to Buy

EOTrackMe Client Software is available for Members to purchase at only $5, or if you're not currently a Member, the price includes Membership as part of the purchase price at $54.95. Only available from the ExplorOz online shop.

Membership is not required, nor is it included, with the purchase of the ExplorOz Traveller App for $59.99. The base app is fully inclusive however for Members with included free Track Logging to EOTrackMe or a 1 year licence can be purchased in-app for $29.99. Only available from the App Store & PlayStore.

Got something unique to sell?

Yes there's Gumtree, but the ExplorOz Classifieds will bring you reputable, qualified buyers, especially if you've got what campers, caravanners, or 4WDrivers are interested in. 

Listings are cheaper on ExplorOz than on other high-profile car & caravan sale sites. We also have multiple product categories allowing you to sell absolutely anything from vehicles & vans to phones & fridges - plus you can list a Wanted Ad, List something for Hire or Rental, reach out for House Sitting, List a Job Opportunity, or offer something for Free/Swap.

Click ExplorOz Classifieds to get your first ad up and running now.
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