ExplorOz General Newsletter 470


ExplorOz General Newsletter - Edition 470

28th Sept, 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader,


The latest release of the ExplorOz Traveller app now has support for Windows 10 devices. The good news is that you can now run our popular navigation, mapping, and tracking app on all Windows 10 devices including phones, tablets, and even your desktop PC computer with the added advantage of using a mouse to do your trip planning plus your Private Treks and Private Places will sync via your profile. This means that when you log into any other device (on any platform Android/iOS/Windows) running the app it's all there for your convenience. Note that the Windows 10 Store licensing model allows you to install the app on up to 10 devices.


If you are running a serial, USB or Bluetooth GPS device, please note that you may need an ADDITIONAL driver to CONVERT YOUR EXISTING GPS into a Windows 10 Location Sensor - but this is easily done. We have provided a link in the store to a third-party product (software download) that we have tested. For more info see the Windows 10 GPS Support section in the FAQ area of the ExplorOz Traveller page on our website.

Download ExplorOz Traveller from the Windows Store


ExplorOz Traveller provides for offline use and comes with a basic offline map of Australia at a scale of 1:2.3million. By obtaining a license for the Premium Offline Maps you can download the additional map tiles to increase the zoom display to show the offline map at up to 1:144K (the same detail as shown in EOTopo online).

We are now offering customers two different options to purchase the Premium Offline EOTopo maps license. Either purchase in-app for $49.99 (payment is to Google/Apple/Windows) or you can now purchase direct from the ExplorOz website for $49.99 (payment is direct to I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd).

NOTE: If you have already purchased any version of offline EOTopo maps (including EOTopo200K raster mapset) then you do not need to purchase the Premium Offline Maps license. When you login to the app, your account should sync and display a green tick for the license. This will allow you to access the free map downloads in the Data Manager. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Offline EOTopo Premium Mapset


The ExplorOz YouTube Channel is the place to go if you want to see a demo of the app.

The latest tutorials (recorded on the iPad version) are:


Everything you need to know about the app can be found in the article titled "ExplorOz Traveller App". You can find this by clicking the MENU in the top left of our website, then clicking "App - ExplorOz Traveller". This page covers what the main features of the app are, clearly explains what maps are available, gives the cost, system requirements, and gives the version & update history, a detailed FAQ section, plus store buttons guiding you directly to the download pages on each of the Windows Store, Google Playstore, and Apple App Store.

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