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17th May 2018

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

Since our last newsletter, we've received a lot of enquiries from new users seeking clarification about our maps, our app, and Membership so in this newsletter we've compiled an ExplorOz FAQ on all these issues.

We've also got news about the latest Redarc product up for grabs in our regular Member Prize Draw, along with news about the release of EOTopo to Memory-Map users, which includes a request for your input please.


Once again we have another Redarc power prize giveaway with a next generation 12v, 25 amp, in-vehicle battery charger - the BCDC1225D (RRP $680) on offer. Built in Australia, trusted for its Australian design and tested for our unique conditions, the next generation 25 amp model in-vehicle battery charger, the BCDC1225D, has extras that make it the most advanced product on the market: Solar input built-in, charges from solar and the alternator simultaneously with Green Power Priority, works with all standard and variable voltage alternator types and charges all major lead acid batteries and now includes a lithium charging profile. All this from a dual battery charger that is designed and tested to keep batteries fully charged…no bull. For more information visit Redarc.com.au

To be in the draw to win a Redarc power prize just make sure you don't miss your Member subscription renewal payment before your Membership date expires. Alternatively, become a Lifetime Member and you'll be entered into every draw.


EOTopo 2018 will not be released as expected through the Memory-Map Digital Map store. Whilst Memory-Map users may be disappointed to hear this news, we have managed to successfully negotiate a possible solution for you. However, at this stage, we are not sure if it's what consumers would want so we're asking for input from current Memory-Map users.

The only way that we can roll out EOTopo to Memory-Map users is by adding the Memory-Map proprietary "qct" file format to the EOTopo downloads page so that it is included in the purchase of a full EOTopo map license. However, in order to successfully install the map files (as 3rd party maps) into the Memory-Map app you may have further additional costs payable to Memory-Map as follows:-

For those that have already purchased a map from MMap the cost of activating the license to "Install 3rd party maps" is US$20 for 1 device or US$50 for 5 devices. For anyone not buying a map from MMap the cost is US$99.

So if you're a Memory-Map user, please let us know what you think of this solution. Based on responses, we will consider if there is enough support to proceed.

Please don't reply to this newsletter. Send your emails to info@exploroz.com addressed to Michelle with the subject "EOTopo qct map files".


The following is a summary of critical facts relating to ExplorOz maps (EOTopo), the ExplorOz app (ExplorOz Traveller) and Membership.

  • EOTopo is the highest resolution whole of Australia topographic map product on the market today.
  • EOTopo comes in various product sets with a range of output formats, scales and file formats to enable use on most common devices/software.
  • The most detailed EOTopo map data is seen when you view the maps online, where we display the maps for the whole of Australia FREE, at a staggering scale of 18K (1:18,000). Use zoom level 18 to access this scale.
  • EOTopo online can be viewed via a web-browser from the EOTopo page here, OR you can view EOTopo online  via the ExplorOz Traveller app when you have an internet connection.
  • EOTopo maps are also available offline. You can purchase a license that enables you to login and download map files to your computer, or via our app. There are 2 options to choose from:-
  • The full EOTopo license enables you to download all versions of the offline maps. This is purchased direct through our online shop here. This option is for people that want the flexibility to use the raster maps in other navigation software, not just our app.
  • The ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Map Pack can also be purchased directly through our online shop OR you can buy it as an in-app purchase. The price is the same. This license is limited to allow you to download EOTopo offline Premium maps within our app only. However, these maps are optimised specifically for the Traveller app and receive ongoing live content updates for all Place positions.
  • The ExplorOz Traveller app is sold at the same price whether you buy it for Android, Apple, or Windows and is the same price for Members and non-Members. The cost is $59.99 for the base app.
  • To use offline maps in the ExplorOz Traveller app, you must also download the Premium Maps and this MAY be an additional cost depending on what maps you've previously purchased from us. Anyone in the past who has purchased EOTopo maps directly from us does not need need to pay for the ExplorOz Traveller version of EOTopo maps and is automatically licensed to download the offline maps via the app's inbuilt Data Manager. Otherwise the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps will cost you $49.99 for the whole bundle.
  • If you are a non-Member and purchase the ExplorOz Traveller app, you are then entitled to a discount off the purchase of ExplorOz Membership for 12 months. This discount is applied automatically in the shop checkout if you are logged into your account at the time of purchase. Using the app with a Member account enables you to activate the track logging.
  • Once you are a Member, you can also purchase additional 12 month subscriptions for only $29.99 (a $20 discount). You can also purchase Lifetime Membership for only $250 (a $50 discount).


If you're someone that travels often, or is planning an upcoming trip then here's why you should be looking at theExplorOz Traveller app:-

  • Available on all platforms - Apple, Android, & Windows 10
  • Excellent user ratings & reviews - read what other users have to say
  • No subscriptions - once off payment for app & maps
  • Simple to use controls - touchscreen operated on Apple and Android. Mouse operated on Windows.
  • Easy process to install maps - just press a button, no expertise required
  • Provides ALL ExplorOz content for offline use - maps, Places, Treks, Comments
  • Free and easy to get new updated content (Treks/Places, Comments)
  • Shareable Private Places/Private Treks between your devices
  • Fully interactive map for whole of Australia - easily discover Places around you
  • Includes instant, free online viewing of EOTopo to zoom Level 16 (18K scale) for the whole of Australia
  • Includes free base offline map - expandable zoom to Level 14 (144K scale) after downloading the Premium maps
  • Includes interactive markers on map for 80,000 campsites, services, and points of interest
  • Includes all ExplorOz Treks (over 180 routes throughout Australia) so you can enjoy the convenience of auto-guidance when travelling offline. Includes all of Australia's top iconic 4x4 tracks:- Simpson, Cape York, Gibb River Road, Kalumburu, Mitchell Plateau, CSR, Tanami, Gunbarrel, and many more lesser-known but equally magnificent adventures.
  • Map screen in-app includes snail trail option for all users, with additional option to enable web-based track logging feature (with save/download and live viewing on private webpage) for Members* only.
  • App owners who are non-Members, qualify for a $20 discount on purchase of a 12 month Membership
  • Personalised and knowledgeable support available 4 days a week (not Fri, Sat, or Sun). Talk directly with the ExplorOz office in Perth by phone, email, or Live Chat.

ExplorOz Traveller

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