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1st August 2018

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

Oopps! In our last newsletter, we provided a link to a new article titled Comparison of Offline 4WD Maps & GPS Navigation Maps & Software. Unfortunately, there was an error in the link from the newsletter. If you haven't found the article yet, please try the link given in this newsletter.


ExplorOz has been providing technology services to travellers now for 18 years. Of course, during this time technology has changed considerably. In fact, when we first started the ExplorOz web business, consumer internet use was only just in its infancy and most homes were using dial-up internet connections. Our audiences found it exciting enough just to use the internet to get access to free information for planning trips, connecting with others on the Forum, and the convenience of online shopping.

Two major changes in technology revolutionised our business in our early years. These were GPS accuracy improvements, and the arrival of mobile broadband internet.

Our ultimate goal, has been to combine all the core ExplorOz resources that are relevant for trip planning (Places, Treks, Traveller Comments), together with our online maps (EOTopo) and our tracking service (EOTrackMe) - and make all that accessible to anyone, whenever they wanted it, regardless of whether they had internet access or not!

The technology and resources we needed to achieve this however, took quite a few more years. And finally when we were ready, we were able to produce our own in-house developed app - ExplorOz Traveller for Android, iPad/iPhone, and Windows 10 devices.

ExplorOz Traveller was first released in 2016. We are now 2 years on and the app has been very well received in the market and is selling well on all platforms. The app has been updated many times to continue to improve and add more features, with most of these ideas coming from app user suggestions. ExplorOz Traveller is ranked the #3 Top Grossing Maps & Navigation App in the Playstore. If you haven't got ExplorOz Traveller yet then now's the time to take a good look, especially with our latest update just hitting the stores today!



A new version of our GPS navigation app, ExplorOz Traveller, has just been released to the stores. This update contains lots of nice new tools and features - most of which were based on suggestions provided by current app users. For a run-down on what's new with this version, take a quick look at this Forum Post

If you're a current ExplorOz Traveller app user, look out for this new update to V3.5.0. If you have auto-app updates turned on you should be getting this today, if not already.

If you don't have auto-updates turned on, there are numerous ways to go about getting the update. Probably the easiest thing to do is click on the store link below for the store that is relevant to your device, and this will take you back to the app page, which will automatically detect if you have the latest version installed or not. You'll see either an Open button or an Update button. So if you see the Update button press it and the V3.5.0 update will start to install. This is a very small install, only 12MB file download. Onboard instructions manual has been fully revised and updated too.

If you haven't got the app yet, then you can also just click the store links below if you're ready to purchase. Otherwise, just go to the ExplorOz website, click the Menu and select ExplorOz Traveller to read all about it first. This page includes a full explanation of what the app contains, how to use it, and you can watch some Video Tutorials. The app also includes a detailed Help/Instructions manual - AND we are just in the process of making this help file available online (upon request).

For Android devices go to the Playstore

For iPads & iPhones go to the App Store

For Windows 10 devices go to the Windows Store

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