EOTopo 2021 is OUT NOW!


29 March, 2021

Hi ExplorOz Reader

As promised, EOTopo 2021 is out now - just in time for your Easter/School Holiday getaway.


This edition of the EOTopo mapset has quite a number of improvements over any previous version of EOTopo maps we've ever produced and is really worth taking a look at. For details see the EOTopo webpage.

We also offer 3 different ways you can access the new mapset:-

  • Webviewer - The EOTopo webpage features a free web-viewer which doesn't require any downloading of software or data. Just open the webpage and click EOTopo Online to open the map window. Use the tools on the left to enlarge the map to fullscreen and to zoom, or use your fingers to pinch zoom. The webviewer does not offer navigation planning tools.
  • ExplorOz Traveller - purchase and download the ExplorOz Traveller app ($59.99) to install our GPS Navigation & Mapping app. Available from all 3 major app stores and is the identical program on all platfroms - Apple, Android, Windows. The app includes access to EOTopo 2021 online as well as a LoRes offline map pack for offline use.
  • EOTopo 2021 offline - with an additional payment of $49.99 you can purchase a licence to download the full EOTopo 2021 mapset which has 2 additional map packs - HiRes and XHiRes. After downloading these map packs you have the same offline zoom and map data as the online mapset.


Before EOTopo 2021 will appear as a download option will need to ensure you have the latest version of the app just released on the weekend. There were also a few updates over the weekend as we resolved early release glitches etc. For the latest, check you have Version 6.0.4 released to all stores yesterday (Sunday 28th March)

If you have EOTopo 2019 the latest version of ExplorOz Traveller enables you to retain those maps so you are under no obligation to purchase the 2021 mapset.

For people with both 2019 & 2021 licences you will see both are available for selection from the map layers tool. The app supports both editions. If desired however, you can delete the 2019 mapset from the Data Manager.

EOTopo 2019 has been removed from sale for use in the Traveller app but is still available in the raster format for OziExplorer users.

EOTopo 2021 is not available for OziExplorer or any other third-party navigation software. EOTopo 2021 can only be used in the ExplorOz Traveller app.

Thank you for supporting a small, private Australian business.

The ExplorOz Team
David & Michelle Martin

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